Sunday, 5 July 2015

Braun Series 7 - 790cc-4 Review

Series 7 790cc-4

When it comes to facial hair my Joe is quite fortunate. His stubble grows quicker than you can say "5 o'clock shadow" but he absolutely hates having to shave. It is a real time consuming process and he gets so itchy afterwards that he puts it off which makes the whole process more difficult.

We were recently sent a new razor from the lovely people at Braun which was set to make shave day a whole lot easier!

Boasting more computer technology that NASA's Apollo 11 the Braun Series 7 Razor had a lot to live up to. When it arrived I wasn't disappointed in the packaging as Braun products always look super slick and the design work on the box was as expected.

Unboxing the 790cc - 4 we were surprised to find a box of blue liquid in the box. Although I had read a spec on the website I totally forgot it was self cleaning and comes with lubricant as part of the Clean and Renew System. We also realised our house doesn't have a razor port and had to pick up an adaptor but these are available quite cheap online so wasn't too much of a problem.

Joe was like a kid at Christmas when he opened the box and couldn't wait to try it out. Once the adapter arrived he was ready to give it a go. This was the first time he had used an electric razor as he has always been a bit wary of them but with the SensoFlex feature the razor glided over his face smoothly.

Where a normal razor tends to leave a small amount of stubble he found after using the Series 7 that he was smooth for a couple of days which is unheard of normally. One of the benefits of this razor is that it is able to detect the thickness of the stubble and manages its power to adapt to the hair type.

With up to 50minutes cordless shaving it needs charging once a week and charges in 1 hour which is brilliant and it comes with a protective travel pouch which is handy for the Summer.

Finished Results!

When finished shaving the razor gets put into the Clean and Renew system which kills 99.9% of bacteria, lubricates and cleans ready for the next shave. Joe loved how 'techy' this razor is and shaving has become more of a pampering session than a chore as it always has been.

This razor has quite a hefty price tag at £299.00 but when you think that it will be used a couple of times a week and basically takes care of itself it's a great investment. Joe currently spends about £10 a month on blades for his razors plus shaving foam and moisturiser which all adds up over a year! It is worth looking for discounts in Boots and Argos for the 7 Series too as they are often on offer.

To read more in depth techy stuff I will send you over to the experts at Braun.

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