Sunday, 28 June 2015

What Ted Said - Dinkles, Water Fights and Best Friends

We have come to realise what having a chatty 2 year old is like. The constant questions, shouting, demanding, singing or general gibberish that comes out of Ted's tiny little mouth can be utterly exhausting but very funny at the same time!

This week...

Whilst I was mid-flow on the toilet Ted gasped and slapped his hand over his mouth...

"Mummy! Where's your Dinkle gone?!"

Needless to say it took me a few minutes to gain composure and wiping my tears away I calmly told him that Mummy is a girl and therefore I don't have a Dinkle. Ted responded, calmly..."Oh ok Mummy, you a girl!" and wandered off to play.

We have also had some rather adorable moments lately. He has learnt some new words from his friends at nursery and has been putting them to good use.

"Grandad? Is Uncle Jack your best friend?"

Whilst looking at Marcus Butler (YouTuber) over my shoulder...
"Mummy, that your Brother?"

In response to being asked to leave Nemo (his comforter) at home while he goes to nursery...

"But Mummy...Nemo loves me!"

After my Mum splashed him with water in the garden...
"Say Sorry Nana!"
He then threw a cup full of water in her boot, turned to me and said...

"Nana did splash me, tell 'him' time out!"
What have your little monkeys come out with lately?


  1. Haha! Love these! I have had a very similar conversation with O about Mummy's not having Tinkle's... Oh the joys of parenthood! x

    1. Oh it was a classic! He is beginning to understand girls and boys but I am unsure what to call my 'lady parts' for a toddler as he doesn't have any and needs to be something nice in case he mentions it at nursery! I can just imagine "Ted and Daddy have Dinkle..Mummy have a *insert embarrassing name for female parts*!" xx

  2. lol those wonderful years, I remember once at the supermarket with my son and a lady telling him, you are so handsome. and my son saying :I KNOW" i was like ;0

  3. Aww these are just so adorable! The first one made me laugh, bless his heart!! xx

  4. Haha these made me giggle! I can't wait to hear some of the things Sophie comes out with when she starts talking properly!

    Emma x


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