Monday, 8 June 2015

I am the Mum who...

I was recently asked to take part in a tag called "I am the Mum who.." by the lovely Vicki from  EllieBearBabi it is!

I am the Mum who panicked and threw my pregnancy test across the room before breaking down in tears when I discovered I was expecting.

Who 10 minutes after this was beaming from ear to ear and discussing baby names.

Who was admitted into hospital at 14weeks after not being able to keep food down for a week and was treated for HG which continued through the pregnancy.

Who said I couldn’t do it anymore and did.

Who bought more children's books in the space of those 9 months than I ever have in my life.

Who painted a Zombie Baby on a t-shirt for Halloween and painted my bump to look like a monsters eye just for fun.

Who tried the whole beautiful bump photography and it looked crap.

Who never ‘glowed’ in pregnancy.

Who lived off pancakes and waffles for a whole trimester.

Who had green sick due to eating too many antacids.

Who was adamant I needed an epidural even at 9cm dilated (Mums you will understand what an achievement this is to get to) but then it slowed labour down and lead to complications.

Who had never had any kind of surgery until my emergency c-section.

Who still has twinges in my scar 2 years on and feel queasy whenever I touch it.

Who uses the ‘crying it out method’ if needed.

Who thinks life is too short for matching socks.

Who has mastered the ‘naughty spot’ but barely has to implement it.

Who successfully weaned at 4 months despite NHS guidelines.

Who is a snap happy Mum, I put this down to my Mum losing lots of my baby photos in a fire when I was little. I can’t imagine being able to capture every moment of our family life.

Who is terrified of not being able to love our next baby as much as I love Ted but also very excited to make him a big brother and complete our family.

Who fears death, not because I am scared of dying but because I can’t bare the thought of leaving Ted.

Who thinks bathing clean children is pointless.

Who realised early on how dangerous it is to compare yourself or your child to others.
Who rarely went to a HV appointment unless necessary but agrees with vaccinating our children.
Who promises to always be a loving, fair and honest Mum and take everything life throws at me.
Tagging anyone else who would like to join in!
Please leave your links below so I can learn more about you all.

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