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Bottles at Bedtime and Potty Training - Includes a Penwizard Book Review!

Ted is now exactly 2 and a half years old. Being a December baby Ted's half year anniversaries roll round at about the same time as the crazy 'Christmas is coming' posts start circulating.

Two and a half seems to be the time when people think it is ok to offer their strong opinions about topics like drinking from bottles and potty training. "Ooh he still has a bottle? That might damage his teeth!" "When are you going to start potty training then?".

Now I know many of these comments are passed by friends and family with the majority of them meaning well but as his parents we know our son. We know when he is ready to move on to the next stage and when to sit back and let him find his own way.

Take weaning for example. I trusted my instinct, weaned Ted when I felt he was ready at 4 months, much to the HV's disapproval and look at him. He eats most things, rarely turning his nose up at vegetables and is a happy healthy child. He, according to the HV (again!), is overweight but...he is also overheight which funnily enough isn't considered when it comes to forming opinions. As I said though he is healthy, he doesn't have a big tummy full of rolls, he does have chunky toddler legs and hamster cheeks but he is active, eats a balanced diet and drinks sugar free drinks.

Ted still has a bottle at bed time. It helps him settle and as he doesn't have a dummy or suck his thumb we don't have an issue with it. He has semi-skimmed milk as recommended by the HV and actually for once I agree with this point. He 'should' be using a cup as he does in the day time but milk from a cup/sipper feels alien to him. His teeth are in great condition and if I ever thought the bottle was damaging his health we would reconsider our choice but at present he is fine with it and so are we.

Potty training. The second topic that gets mentioned to us on perhaps a weekly basis.

Ted is still in nappies (happies or pappies as he likes to put it). As it has been pointed out to me some children his age are potty trained. He is in size 5+ nappies with size 6 being the largest and he is heavy to lift onto changing units but he is still in nappies and we are ok with that at present.

Our reason for not potty training sooner isn't one of laziness or poor parenting. It is one of knowing our child. He cries when he doesn't have a nappy on and yes perhaps that is down to lack of 'nudiness' when he was smaller but he just gets distressed, asking for his 'pappy' to be back on.

We are gradually introducing more nappy free time and occasionally he will sit on the toilet but not...definitely not a potty! He hates the potty with a passion finding it a ridiculous concept that he would sit on something so low to the floor without his 'pappy' on!

So we continue to build his confidence by talking about going to the toilet, reading his special new book Pirate Ted's Potty (review below) and encouraging 'nudybum time' where possible. He will get there eventually and we do plan to introduce Pull Up's soon but at a pace Ted is comfortable with.

I have nearly always followed my instinct as a Mother when it comes to Ted, sometimes I have been wrong but mostly I have been right. He is a well behaved (mostly), sociable and clever little boy and I am positive one day soon both his nappy wearing and his night time bottles will become a thing of the past but it will be our decision when and nobody elses.

We love Penwizard and have worked with them in the past for my Mummy and Me Peppa Pig book. I love how interactive their books are and the personalised story and pictures are fantastic.

Pirate 'Ted's' Potty can be personalised for your child with their name and little character. There are also Princess Potty books in the same format but this is for girls and boys which I think is great.

Our book features Pirate Ted, a blonde haired cutie who is on an adventure from nappy to potty with the help of his Mummy. He decides that only babies wear nappies and he wants to be a big boy. From choosing the right potty and underpants through to finally braving a number two, little Pirate Ted is so pleased with himself it's adorable.

I have pointed out to Penwizard that they need to add the option to mention more than one person assisting potty training as Joe and I are equally as hands on when it comes to parenting as I am sure most parents are.

Our Ted loves reading the book with us and pointing out the pirate potty and pants with skull and crossbones. He has a chuckle to himself when the wee is in the potty and strangely thinks the poo is a sausage (I totally get what he means!). We have so much fun reading the book and I hope it will help us with our potty training journey!

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