Thursday, 14 May 2015

Me and Music - Mummy Mondays

I know it isn't Monday but I am a total God Damn rebel and I am linking up to Mummy Mondays anyway! 

Mummy Monday's has been around for a while now and I know the lovely ladies over at Mummy Bloggers have said it can be on ANYTHING so I am using it as my chance to be me. Every week I will be sharing a post that is to do with me. Not about the family or being a Mum but about me as a woman and everything I love, hate any anything in between! 

Here we go with my first post and this one is about music! 

I am guilty of one thing as a 'woman' (note I didn't say Mum?) and that is not giving myself enough 'me time'. Sure I watch TV in the evenings after Ted has gone to bed and I catch up on blogs and I have a natter online with friends but I rarely pamper myself or embrace the things I love like art, music and reading (even if it is just cook books!). 

I have always loved the way music makes me feel, as a child it was dancing around the garden to 'Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini' and swinging my cassette player (complete with microphone) about. Then as a teenager it was sitting on my windowsill, sketching and blaring out 'Ocean Avenue' by Yellowcard or some other 'cool kid' tune as I gawked at my much older neighbour washing his car! Even before I had Ted I would crank up the Summer R&B hits or chill out to a bit of Ed Sheeran or James Morrison but now somehow this has been pushed to one side and I miss it. 

I don't know why I don't listen to music as much, perhaps it is the silence I enjoy more. When I am in my car without Ted I embrace the peace and quiet but sadly I do long for those hours where I could just listen to my music and forget about things for a little while. It was my escape from the world. 

Me singing Karaoke at Joe's Aunties Wedding!
I feel quite 'out of touch' with the latest songs and although we listen to the radio at work, Heart FM seems to feature the same songs on repeat and they eventually begin to grate on me. I did get Ed Sheeran's new album for Christmas and I love it. I also have a few songs on my phone but never really find the time or accept that I am able to just give myself that relaxation time. 

Another thing... I love to sing. Something I don't really share with people but I really enjoy it and not just screeching in the shower but really singing. I have never felt comfortable in telling people how much I love it as my voice isn't incredible but I think I can hold my own. People often think that thinking you can sing is somehow arrogant but there are few things I enjoy more than belting out a number in my car where nobody else can hear me. 

So... I promise from now on to sing my heart out (when I am alone) and discover a new favourite song each week and share it with you! It may not be a brand new song but it will be something that is new to me or an old favourite I forgot I liked and I will link it up for you over on my Facebook or Twitter so do pop by and say hi and let me know what you think! You can also remind me if I haven't shared one for a while and give me a virtual slap on the wrist for not giving myself some me time!

What are your favourite songs? Who should I check out?


I love hearing from my readers and will try to respond to all comments if possible! :)