Thursday, 7 May 2015

Grand Designs Live with British Gas

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Today I was meant to be attending the Grand Designs Show on behalf of the lovely people at British Gas. Unfortunately a sickness bug hit the family and I needed to stay at home with Ted. I have been reading up about the event and despite being booked in to go on the day the handsome and hugely talented George Clarke wasn't there I was still excited to go. 

Perhaps the next event will be the one for me!

For those of you that are interested in Grand Designs there is everything from architectural design, interiors, gardening and gadgets. One gadget I was most excited about seeing was the wireless phone charging bedside table..still baffled as to how it works! 

I also wanted to learn more about the £1 House and A Bit of Barcelona in Berkshire from the British Gas Home Truths Series. I love hearing other peoples home stories and the inspiration will stay in my mind for when we are able to afford our own home some day. Until then I will keep oggling at other peoples houses (and George Clarke)!

Shed of the Year was one of the shows I enjoyed watching on Channel 4 and I am really sad I missed getting to look around some amazing small spaces, it makes me feel a bit more hopeful about making our small rental house a home with some little tricks of the trade and I will be reading up on reviews from other peoples visits to find out more!

*My tickets to the event were provided by British Gas, I was due to attend as a representative.

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