Friday, 29 May 2015


Having had a pretty crappy time of things at school I have always found it quite hard to find friends I click with. You know that feeling where you just 'get' each other? 

I had a best friend from year 10 at school and we still talk now although have sadly grown apart but other than her I don't speak to many people I went to school. The main reason being that none of them backed me up when I needed them the most and I spent my final years of school dreading each day and wondering who was going to turn on me next!

So it isn't surprising that in adult life I have very few people I can truly trust but the ones I do are the people I want in my life. I have a best friend. She is Godmother to my son and her husband is just as much of a friend to me as she is. We all worked together and have known each other for something like 8 years now. I was Bridesmaid at her wedding and she will be my Maid of Honour when we finally tie the knot. 

How young we were!
I trust her with my life and know she will always have my back. I don't have to hold back when I talk to her and I can literally talk to her about anything. She knows what I am thinking just by the look on my face and I can totally tell when something has upset her. She is my best friend and I think she always will be. 

Blogging has allowed me to meet some truly beautiful people and there are a select few I call friends. These are the ladies I wish I had gone to school with. I wish they had been there to have my back when everyone else turned on me. I wish they had been there when I realised I had fallen in with a bad crowd or when my first proper relationship broke down. We can't look back we can only move forwards and I am proud to have these ladies by my side to face whatever the future holds. 

Here's to friendships, old and new!


  1. Here, here! Spot on Jade. I was the same in school and I love blogging for the people I've met through it!

  2. Such a lovely post! It's great to have you too :) x

  3. I am very lucky to have a couple of very good friends I met in the school yard with my eldest....I don't speak to anyone from my own schooldays....Bloggers are amazing aren't they! There is a few I wish I knew in real life....

  4. Love you lovely one!!! Gorgeous post. Onwards & upwards xxxxx


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