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4 Healthy Habits that Save Money

4 Healthy Habits that Save Money

With summer holidays just around the corner we all know that a little extra money can go a long way to helping keep the kids entertained during their weeks off. As the old saying goes, every little helps, and anything that can help ease the burden of numerous activities and play dates is something that’s always good in my books.

Surprisingly it can often be our habits that incur costs we don’t even realise. From that cheeky take-away to treats for the little ones, the things we think about the least can actually cost us the most in the long run. So in order to save some extra pennies and pounds, I’ve compiled a list of the habits that can keep the family and the bank balance nice and healthy.

Plan Meals  
When you’ve got little ones it can be hard to keep them interested in their food, and as the fussy eaters they can often be its even harder when you cook a meal and they down right refuse to eat it.

In order to get everyone in the family eating better, plan your meals in advance.
From Monday to Friday, take to a chalk board and diarise exactly what meals you’re going to be eating for the week. If you know that the youngest ones aren’t going to be impressed, put a slight alternative on it which you know they will eat.

That way when it comes to doing your food shopping you won’t be tempted to purchase things that you don’t need. Instead you’ll have a list of foods that you’re going to eat and not waste.

If you have the opportunity, also try to leave the kids at home for the food shop or even with a relative for an hour. This will really help cut back on those added extras they are tempted by as you try to keep them happy.

When it comes to finding inspiration for cheap healthy meals, there are some great resources such as this one that detail tasty recipes at a fraction of the price.  

Make Your Own
Sometimes it seems as though the children are never full up, like a bottomless pit is harbouring in their stomachs.  And despite the amount of snacks you buy it seems they are gone in a blink of an eye.

Purchasing all these snacks can soon add up when you get to the checkout, so instead try to make your own.
Not only is this a more valuable alternative but it can also be a much healthier one, as you can hide some healthy ingredients that on their own the children would perhaps never touch.

Besides if you bake a batch in bulk you could always freeze some for a later date!

Move More
As a parent, gym memberships can be a luxurious expense, but they can sometimes become completely void if you’re not able to take advantage of it.

Getting out the door can be task in itself let alone getting some time to get to the gym.
So in order to keep fit and get some fresh air, attempt to walk to all of your destinations.

Of course this is going to be difficult in the winter months, but in spring and summer it can really help to save money as you’re not spending so much on petrol.
You may think that you don’t spend much at the moment but the school trips, play dates and nursery visits can soon add up.

Quit the bad stuff

If you’ve got your heart set on saving money in the long run, consider some of your own bad habits that are costing you money.

Cutting down on any cheeky wines during the week, and banning takeaways can be a good first step.
If you or your partner are also in the habit of smoking regularly, try to reduce your intake or even invest in an e-cig starter kit such as these, as it can help to cut the cost down and eventually help you kick the habit.
Combining all of these ideas can make the whole family healthier and help to save money for all of the special events you’ve got planned. Whether it’s a summer holidays abroad or even a trip to the zoo.

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