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Vax Air U86-AL-B Cordless Bagless Vacuum Review

Those of you that subscribe to my YouTube channel may have seen my recent review of our old Dyson Vacuum cleaner. The poor thing is on it's last legs but we have been lucky enough to be sent a new Vax Air vacuum to try out and share with you all.

The Vax Air Cordless Bagless U86-AL-B Freestanding Vacuum Cleaner is in a whole other league to our old 'Grandad' vacuum and when it arrived I was like a kid at Christmas. The box was really cool too which totally got me excited! (I know...I don't get out enough!)

I have only ever had second hand vacuums since we have had our own house so getting a chance to try out a brand new one was a bit of a treat. I couldn't believe how advanced the technology is compared to our old one and how lightweight the Vax is in comparison.
First Impressions

My first thoughts were how small it is. Weighing in at just 4.6kgs there is literally no wasted weight, everything in the frame is there because it has a use and there is no bulky lead as it is totally cordless. Even the battery pack doesn't take up much room. The colour is great and the whole design is really clean cut and simple.

Instructions and Add On's

The manual comes in the box and is so straight forward to follow. In the box with the vacuum are two tools, two Lithium Life batteries and a charging station. The wand is a separate component too and the instructions for getting it set up are really helpful and to the point. You can also buy extra tools and spare batteries if needed, details of which are at the end of this post.


The U86-AL-B is freestanding, cordless and bagless. It has a rinse clean filter so no need to buy expensive filters and is cyclonic which means no yucky dust bags. The cylinder has a 1.05litre dust capacity and the whole vacuum weighs in at just 4.6kgs, as you can see in the video it is so easy to pick up and move around.

The lithium life batteries last for 50 minutes when fully charged, with a charge time of just 3 hours. It also comes with a 6 year manufacturers warranty (which I must remember to register and send to Vax within 28 days...I always forget to do that!).

Dimensions (H)87.5 x (W)32.0 x (D)27.0                                     

What we thought of it...

I have quite a sensitive back since having Ted and find the Vax so easy to use. I don't have to put so much effort in to pushing it around as it is so light weight. It also moves easily around corners and has a flat base to get under radiators and furniture which is so helpful. I think my favourite feature though has to be that it is cordless. It means I can move easily around  the house and not have to worry about where to plug it in or tripping over the cable whilst cleaning.

I will say though that when the wand is in use the suction isn't as strong as I would have liked it to be but it is still fully functional. I tried using it to clean our vertical blinds and it wasn't really sucking much of the dust off which is a shame but perhaps one of the other tools might do the trick.

Joe loves that he can use it to clean out the car without getting the extension lead out and I love that if Ted spills something I can just grab it and go without having to unravel a cable, find a plug and lug it across the house. The hard floor setting is also so handy in the kitchen for cleaning up 'Ted crumbs' before 'mopping' the floor (by mopping I mean hand washing as our kitchen is about 2 meters square).


Overall the Vax Air has really impressed us and I struggle to think of many more features I would want in a vacuum. I would probably be interested in trying the Lift and Go model which is advertised on the TV at the moment (featuring little girls with glitter in Dad's car) as the cylinder lifts out for use in hard to reach places. There is only about £50 price difference so I would be keen to see if it is worth the extra investment.

Check out my full video review here:

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