Sunday, 19 April 2015

Dream Tubes by Hippy Chick - Review

With Ted moving in to his big boy bed a few months back we were surprised at how well he has done with his transition from cot to bed. I was fearing the worst and worrying about him falling out of bed so when I heard about Dream Tubes from Hippy Chick I was really keen to try them out. 

This inflatable bed guard is such an innovative design. Two inflatable tubes slide into a sheet with pockets in to act as an instant guard to protect your little one from a dreaded bump in the night.

Although Ted's toddler bed is low to the ground and has wooden ledges the whole way round I couldn't help but wonder how he would manage when we went to stay at a hotel, in a caravan or just at Nana's for the night. It isn't feasible to lug solid bed guards everywhere and I didn't want to have to move furniture once we were at our destination just to ensure a safe nights sleep. 
Dream Tubes are so easy to use and fit easily into the suitcase for breaks away. The 100% cotton sheets are super soft and easy to wash along with your usual laundry. You can also buy spare sheets in case of accidents...potty training wouldn't be much fun without lots of spare sheets! 
The sheets come in two sizes which is great. We got Single Bed sized ones as they are best for when we go away but we actually have an Ikea bed frame and the Cot Bed size wouldn't fit (something we were warned about when getting an Ikea bed). We usually buy single bedding and it is just a bit bigger so needs to be tucked around at the sides of the mattress. Otherwise we would be travelling to Ikea constantly to get new sheets which surprisingly aren't that cheap. 
Hippy Chick now sell a single tube version which would be great for a bed like Ted's which is positioned against the wall but I would still buy the double tubes as I never know when I am going to need them away from home. 
As you can see from the pictures Ted fits well in between the tubes and can climb in and out as needed. They are literally there for mid-sleep rolls and not to stop the child from getting out of bed...although I wish they were!


  1. I've been looking at these! It won't be long before Ethan has a big boy bed and I thought that these looked like a great alternative to the usual bed guard.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. These look great! Such a good idea x

  3. This looks like an amazing idea - I haven't seen anything like it before! x


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