Thursday, 5 March 2015

What Ted Said - Icecubes, Nursery and PiePads!

We have been out for a few family meals lately. Ted has been quite a handful and has enjoyed stealing other peoples food but when he steals an ice cube, stuffs it in his mouth and shouts "Delicious!" it is so tough to tell him off!


Wandering in to Nana's living room Ted announced he wanted to play on the 



With him starting at a new nursery there have been daily questions like What did you do at nursery? Did you have fun? What did you have for Lunch? To which Ted responds quite clearly "Played Friends, Good Fun, Cheese!" 

Suspecting this was just Ted humouring me, I asked the nursery leader who told me he has been talking to the other children, playing nicely and eating Cauliflower Cheese! He was 100% telling me what he had been up to and I am so proud!

What have your little chatterboxes been saying this week?

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  1. Aww bless him :) I cannot wait until Ethan starts talking, he says nothing at the moment, though I know he could if he tried and I know he understands everything we say lol. x


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