Sunday, 1 February 2015

What Ted Said – Burping, Guitar Grandad and the L word!

Ted has began to become interested in the noises his body can make over the past few months. He finds trumping hilarious…such a boy! However, his favourite has to be burping. He does a loud over the top fake burp noise several times a day and shouts “Burp!” just so we all know!


My parents live close by and Ted sees them all of the time but with Joe’s parents living over 100miles away there was always a worry by them that Ted wouldn’t know who they were. Both mine and Joe’s parents have ended up being Nana and Grandad so at first we thought Ted would be confused but this week he proved us wrong.

Joe’s Dad plays the guitar, it barely leaves his side when he is at home and it is something that we feel defines him. Ted clearly agrees as whilst playing at my parents last week he picked up the toy guitar and announced that it was Grandad’s Guitar. Not Grandad who was there but his McDonald Grandad.

So this week he had a little chat on the phone with Joe’s parents before bed and was so exited to talk to his Guitar Grandad! It makes me so happy that he recognises his whole family and loves them all just as much.


Finally the most beautiful thing Ted has ever said happened this week. He learnt to say Love You. He has made noises like ahyoo for a few weeks but this week has made it all the more special that at bed time he says Love You Mummy, Love You Daddy and ends it with a gorgeous NuhNight! Needless to say there have been a few happy tears from this Mumma this week!
What have your little ones come out with this week?

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  1. I love hearing about Ted's developing speech and personality. He is so precious <3 When a little one spontaneously tells you that he loves you, it is such a wonderful moment - and that feeling never, ever fades (even when your little one is a 26 year old man!!) :) xxx


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