Saturday, 7 February 2015

What Ted Said - Barney The Dinosaur......Yet?

New word of the week appears to be 'Yet'. Ted has been experimenting by using this word at every opportunity. He also says it in a weird way like it is always a question.
"Not go out Yeeeeeet?" "Have Breadstick Yeeeet?"
You can imagine my upset when we were driving home from the childminders the other day and he told me "Not go home yet...Gill's (the childminders) House!". He promptly burst into tears until we got home. I know when I am not wanted!
Having realised that now he knows words he can actually string them together to make songs Ted has been serenading us on a regular basis.
The theme tunes to his favourite TV shows are constantly being belted out but my favourite has to be when he sings the I Love You song from Barney The Dinosaur....90's kids you will appreciate this one!
Ted says we are a 'Pappy' Family *collapses from cuteness overload*

I love this one too as I get lots of kisses and cuddles to end the song!


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