Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Starting Nursery - Settling in days

A few months ago we decided it was time to move Ted from his childminders to a Nursery. There were so many factors that led us to this decision but mainly that the nursery is in the village I work in and also where we would like to move to so it made sense. 

Finding the right nursery was a lengthy process of scouring the internet, getting recommendations and arranging viewings. Having worked in a nursery myself during my A-Levels I knew what I wanted and what I didn't. 

One day whilst collecting an item from a Facebook selling page I looked over the road to see a nursery I had never seen on my internet searches and it was 2 minutes from my office! How I had never heard of it I don't know but I went in for a look around and it was perfect. A small friendly nursery that felt like a little home, the staff were lovely and the prices were really reasonable (compared to most I had viewed!).

We decided to move Ted on the first week in March and that meant cramming inductions in to a few weeks but it needed to be done. 

Session 1 I went along with Joe and we stayed and settled Ted in, he seemed to like it so despite some tears when we left we went for a walk around the village for 10 minutes. He cried most of the time we were gone and I felt so concerned that this was the wrong choice but we had to keep trying.

Session 2 was for a whole hour and I went on my own, again there were tears but I was brave and left him. When I came to collect him I was told he cried for 10 minutes and they almost called me but then he settled. They even tested the waters saying "Mummy will be here soon!" and he just said "Mummy, soon? Okay!". Phew!

Session 3 was for 2 hours. My sister and I went to drop him in and again there were tears...lots of tears. We had to peel him away from us before we left but low and behold the minute we left he settled and had a lovely time...in fact he didn't want to come home!

Today was his 4th and final settling in day. He went from 9.30 to 12.30. On the way in I reassured him by telling him how he was going to nursery to play and Mummy would be back soon. He responded "No Thanks!" (his new favourite phrase!).

When we arrived there was a lady working he hadn't met before, an older lady who seemed very friendly and calming. Ted was having nothing to do with her and the tears started. I kissed him, said goodbye and left. I am one tough Mumma! 

I enjoyed some peace and quiet on my day off, watched Broadchurch (oh em gee!) did some blogging and had a cuppa before heading back to get him. When I arrived they were playing outside, Ted was in the playhouse and when I said hello he screamed and ran away! Clearly having too much fun to come home with Mummy.

That was the end of his inductions. He gives me hell when he gets there and I am sure that will continue for a while but enjoys it once he gets settled. Monday is his first day at Nursery and Thursday is his last day with his childminder. I know she will be sad to see him go and I am going to miss that stage of his life as he has been there since he was 7 months but change is a good thing and I am excited to see him develop.

I will let you all know how he gets on...
Have you got any tips for making drop offs a little easier?


  1. I'm glad it seems to be getting easier. The teachers were still peeling Joe off my leg at six!! haha x

  2. Aww! It sound like it's going well....It's a big change for little one's starting nursery but I'm sure he'll be fine! Good luck for Monday x

  3. It sounds like a great move for him and it sounds like the sessions went as well as could be expected - I'm sure he'll settle in quickly x

  4. It is going hard with every child. With mine it took really long until she relaxes and go without crying but it slowly happened! Good luck! Greets!


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