Friday, 13 February 2015

Oh Cr*p! I Forgot! - 5 Steps to Avoiding a Valentines Disaster

Forgotten the big V day tomorrow? Here is some last minute inspiration to save you from a Valentines Disaster!

I have the perfect romantic night in planned and I am going to share some little tips with you to get yourself all set for tomorrow.

Step 1: Grab some paper and a pen. See this is the easiest bit, write your loved one a letter and tell them you have a special evening planned tomorrow (don't go too OTT, we don't want them to think it is a proposal...although that wouldn't be a bad thing!)

Step 2: Set your alarm for an early wake have work to do!

Step 3: Get your butt to the shops. If you have a local Home Bargains store that will be your first stop and then into your nearest Tesco for the final supplies. (Keep reading for more details on these!).

Step 4: Back home with your haul and time to get those creative juices flowing. If your other half lives with you then you may have to find an excuse to get them out of the house, I think on Valentines Day they may be understanding if you ask for a little time to 'do something'.
Lay the table, light some candles and dig out some smoochy tunes!

Go on..Get Wooing - Wooing??!! Did I just say that?!

Step 5: With dinner cooking away nicely, a glass of fizz and your gifts at the ready all you need to do now is put your glad rags on and prepare to amaze!

The Gifts...

With a huge selection of gifts, treats and decorations, Home Bargains has everything you need to put a smile on your special persons face. Their range of Valentines treats are all super cheap too so no need to break the bank to stay in the good books!
Chocolate Rose
Plastic Champagne Glasses
Heart Fairy Lights
Love Crackers
Snowglobe Photo Frame
Heart Shape Balloons
Heart Shaped Mini Frying Pan
Heart Chocolates
Lip Cookie
All of these romantic gifts start from just 59p and are available in your local Home Bargains Store. They are great quality and I think the Snow Globe and Chocolate Rose make the perfect gift while the Heart Fairy Lights make for great mood lighting.
The Meal...

Last year I wrote about the bargainous Tesco Valentines £10 Dinner for 2 and it is back! For just £10 you can tuck in to a Main, Side, Dessert and a bottle of wine.

I am unfortunately on my low calorie diet so this was off the menu for me to try but Joe happily gave it all a test run for us and said the Lasagne was one of the best he has ever had and the roast potatoes went down a treat too. Although he did have them on separate nights (carb overload!).

You can choose a more balanced meal than Joe's though as there is an extensive range and something for everyone (although not for the dieters amongst us).

Check out the full range here and pick it up in store.

I would love to know what you all get up to for Valentines so please feel free to let me know below and I hope you have a wonderful day.


  1. Hope you and Joe enjoy a romantic Valentine's Day together :) xxx

  2. We have bought a M&S meal for 2 for Valentines and I cannot wait! x


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