Tuesday, 24 February 2015

My Weight Loss Journey - Weeks 3 and 4

A whole month of my low calorie diet gone and I am really enjoying it. Continuing with this same 1400 calories a day as with weeks 1 and 2 and discovering lots of new recipe's which is great fun!

Week 3

I haven't managed to get on top of my water intake as I would have liked to and the motivation to exercise  isn't coming very easy either which is something I need to work on.
We had our Valentines meal this week which consisted of steak, new potatoes and green beans with a mushroom and cream cheese sauce. Surprisingly it came well under my daily food goal at 399kcal (Joe plated...explains the # of green beans!)

Week 3 Weigh In...

Week 4

This week was all about trying to get a balance. I ate out with my family and I ate more than I should, it meant I had a sore tummy for hours after as my stomach isn't used to big portions. It did however teach me that I need to treat myself sometimes in order for this diet to work. Treating myself regularly means I don't cave in and binge eat just because I feel fed up, it gives me something to look forward to!

Here is a little daily meal plan for one of my 'normal' healthy days so you can see that keeping under 1400 calories doesn't mean starving yourself or living off lettuce!

Breakfast - 231

2 Slices of Brown Bread - 160
1 teaspoon of Iight spread - 18
1 teaspoon of Marmite - 10
Tea with whole milk - 27 (we ran out of semi-skimmed otherwise it would be 16cals)
1 teaspoon of sugar - 16

Lunch - 251

Quorn Curry - made with a jar of sauce and chicken style pieces - 122
Small Jacket Potato - 128

Dinner - 316

100g Spaghetti - 156
20g Grilled Peppers (in a jar) - 13calories
27g Sundried Tomatoes - 115
10g Light Grated Cheese - 32

Snacks - 336

8 Mento's - 80
2 Jaffa Cakes - 104
Roasted Chickpea's with Cinnamon - 152

Pudding - 240

100g Frozen Fruit - 39
Banana French Toast - 201

Total - 1374 Calories

Don't get me wrong I ate complete rubbish and should have opted for fruit and veg instead of sweets and carbs but like I say it is all in proportion as the next day I had lots of vegetables. However this was at the weekend, we were at a friends and I caved in to a Jaffa Cake or two. 

Week 4 Weigh In...12st 2.8lbs - This is a weight gain of just over 1lb but considering I ate out once and haven't been exercising I don't think I can be too tough on myself.

I am beginning to feel happier in myself, I look in the mirror and see the changes I am making. Joe treated me to some new clothes and underwear for Valentines and I got a vest in a size 12 for the first time in ages...and it fits...and I mean really fits without looking like a sausage bursting out of its skin!

I promise I will have some healthy recipe's up soon, it has been a crazy couple of weeks but I will explain all in my week 5 update so please come back and say hi.


  1. Good ideas for food :) Although if I would eat 1400 calories a day I would gain a lot of weight. I stick to less than 1000 when I can. It's better to restrict one day, eat more another. Keeps your metabolism from stagnating.

    1. See I think the recommended intake for women at 2000 calories is there for a reason, that our bodies need that many calories too work efficiently and as part of an active lifestyle for someone who is at a healthy weight that would be fine. Anything less than 1200 would leave me feeling unwell. That said each to their own, we all have different bodies that process foods differently but as a busy Mum I definitely need 1200-1400 to get me through the day!

      Thank you for dropping by :) x

  2. You're doing great lovely, keep it up! x


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