Saturday, 7 February 2015

My Weight Loss Journey - Weeks 1 and 2

I made a resolution this year to take care of myself. This started quite slowly in 2015 with me just taking time to adjust after Christmas a couple of weeks ago I decided to kick start my ‘healthier happier me’ plan with a low calorie diet.

I weighed in at 12stone 7lbs and at 5’3 I am classed as obese. Not just overweight but unhealthily so and that scared me.

I decided to start by reducing my food intake to 1400 calories a day which is considerably lower than the 2000 calorie recommendation for women. I also was going to up my fruit and vegetables and reduce the amount of carbs where possible.

Week 1
The first week went really well, I unfortunately came down with a cold which almost 2 weeks on still is lingering but I promised not to let a cold throw me into a spiral of comfort eating. The diet continued.
I downloaded the My Fitness Pal app as recommended by a few friends. It allowed me to track what I was eating and I could use it to socialise with other people who have the app so we could encourage each other. Something I thought would help me stay motivated.

Recording and weighing everything I ate seemed a little strange at first and quite hard work but as I kept it up I realised I was beginning to understand portion sizes and calories a bit better. It also logs everything you have eaten so you can find your regular foods easily.
The app also works out the calories in your own recipe’s by inputting your ingredients and how many people it will serve. This is great for family meal planning and it means if I have Chilli Con Carne for example, I will know how many calories it has every time and can plan my day around it.

I must admit I have had a few bad days where I have ended up starving myself most of the day so I can have a big treat for dinner which isn’t the best way to go but most days I have had a balanced diet. I also love that I can have treats as long as they are part of a healthy diet. Some nights I have a little bit of chocolate after dinner but as long as I have a good breakfast and lunch that is ok.

Week 1 weigh in:  12stone 4.5lbs. That is a loss of 2.5lbs and I am so proud. I managed that even with a horrible cold.
Week 2

Still going strong with the My Fitness Pal app and recording everything. It has become second nature already and I actually don’t find it that time consuming, although Joe may disagree! I am finding it really helpful that my food is tracked so I know if I have a banana of a similar size to my last one it will be the same calories meaning no tedious weighing.
I was pleasantly surprised to discover I could still have a takeaway on payday too. My friend Lucy at Mrs Bishops Bakes and Banter suggested a few low calorie options and I decided to go for a Chicken Shish Kebab with lots of salad. By choosing the chargrilled chicken and swapping the garlic mayo for light mayo I had at home I was still able to have a pitta and a couple of Joe’s chips all for under 700 calories!

Joe is being so supportive and is putting his fussy eating aside to have more healthy meals with me. We had Turkey Burgers and Quorn Curry this week which were diet friendly and super tasty. I will pop some recipe’s up soon!

Still having a cold and my chest being tight I haven’t been able to find the energy to exercise so my plan for Week 3 is to exercise more. I had a feeling that my reduced calorie intake could be what was making my cold last longer but have no evidence to support it so have just battled on. I did have to laugh to myself as I logged my Halls Soother on MFP the other day as it had 15 odd calories in…what have I become?!

Week 2 weigh in…. 12stone 3.25lbs - Another 1.25lbs off!

Joe has promised to treat me to a shopping spree when I reach 11st so I am really motivated to keep going in time for my Summer wardrobe. My challenge for the next 2 weeks is to drink more water...that is easier said than done for me so wish me luck!



  1. doing well so far!! well done hun, especially for not giving up when feeling poorly xx

  2. Yay! You're doing so well poppet & how exciting about the shopping spree! Always helps to have something lovely like that to aim for too!! :-) roll on the summer xxxx

  3. You're doing really well! It sounds like you're really focused, looking forward to seeing how you get on week by week x

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