Monday, 5 January 2015

Our Bathtime Routine and Childs Farm Review

Our Bathtime Routine

Take one dirty child, a bath tub of water, plonk said dirty child in and scrub'a'dub!

Ok so it isn't really that plain sailing...

We have been trying out some new products at bath time lately so I thought I would let you in on some of our secrets to happy bath times. These are rare in our house as Ted usually throws some sort of tantrum in the bath because A. He isn't allowed to walk about in the tub and B. He can't drink the bath water!

Normally a bath is prompted when we can't put it off any longer and Ted is beginning to look like a chimney sweep...minus the chim chimmeny chim chim cheroo's.

We mention the 4 letter B word and the room erupts in to a wave of excitement (from Ted...obvs!) and two little legs toddle off up the stairs.

Mummy runs the bath adding a squidge of Childs Farm Clean, Calm and Collected bubble bath for Sweet Dreams (we live in hope!) while Daddy disrobes our petite prince ready for his soak.

When the tub is ready in goes Ted along with half a bucket of toys and a pack of bath crayons. Despite all these fun things to play with he always goes for a plastic cup and the battle of the bathtime ensues.

"No Ted don't drink the water!"
"Stop eating the bubbles!"
"Yuck!" (from Ted)
"Sit on your bottom in the bath"
"Please let Mummy just wash your hair!"

Hair gets washed, ears are scrubbed and Ted is sparkling clean. Mummy and Daddy are soaking wet along with the rest of the bathroom and we all breathe a sigh of relief before the drying battle commences!

Oh how I love bath times!!

About Childs Farm

We were sent a few samples from Childs Farm's range of bath products for sensitive skin. Ted has been having issues with dry skin over the winter so we needed some products that wouldn't dry his skin out. Being Dermatologically and Paediatrician approved these products are even suitable for eczema prone skin.

They smell amazing due to the organic essential oils used and I was surprised at how far the product goes compared to other well known baby brands. They are definitely more expensive than most products but last a long time and I really do recommend them for sensitive skin.

I have been using the shampoo myself and find it doesn't leave any residue like my regular shampoo and the smell lasts for a lot longer too. Yummy smelling hair is always a good thing!
 Do you  have any tips for a happy bath time?


  1. We've tried out a few Child's Farm products too and love them! x


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