Thursday, 8 January 2015

My 3 Goals for 2015

This year I have 3 simple rules I want to live by. I don't want to set unrealistic targets as I have in previous years but I want to grow and develop at a person and I think these 3 goals will help achieve this.

1. Learn something new every day
2. Take care of myself
3. Enjoy life

I think the first one is quite self explanatory, I want to learn new skills and embrace knowledge. I also want to take up a class or do a course which leads me on to number 2.

I want to take care of myself mentally and physically which means eating better, exercising more and learning to love myself for who I am. 

Finally is 3. Enjoy life! I want to enjoy every day with my little family, smile more and say yes to new opportunities to live the best life I can live...YOLO and all that!

What do you hope 2015 will bring?

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  1. Such simple things but ones we should all take note of! Looking forward to following your journey this year x


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