Thursday, 15 January 2015

Giraffe Restaurant Review - Kingston, Milton Keynes

Just before Christmas we were invited to try the new menu at Giraffe. As we always enjoy our meals at this chain we had very high expectations so I thought I would let you know how we got on!

We arrived after a little shopping trip at Kingston in Milton Keynes and were greeted by a warm welcome from a gentleman who showed us to our table. He got Ted some crayons and a colouring sheet which instantly made him a friend of Teds!

We chose our drinks from the extensive drinks menu which included cocktails but at lunch time and with a toddler in tow I gave them a miss and opted for a Fresh Lemonade with Mint...a perfect choice as it was so refreshing. Shame Ted liked it too as I ended up drinking his coke instead! 

The starter/sharing menu is fantastic and it was so hard to settle on one option but being a lover of veggie snacks I chose the Edamame (£4.85) which were fried in soy, chilli and mirin and topped with sea salt. They were so moorish but after getting most of the way through the bowl my lips were tingling from the chilli and salt and it did taint the rest of the meal for me so perhaps would be better as a snack to have with drinks than at the start of a meal.

My Mum went for the Firecracker Chicken Tenders (£5.35) which were also delicious with a fresh Asian slaw and a zingy wasabi and lime dip.

Teds meal came out with our starters so that he could tuck in and we chose a simple dinner of Sausages, Mash and Beans. This was a big portion for a toddler with 2 huge sausages and a mountain of mash but the ingredients were great quality and at £4.35 I thought it was quite good value.

As the meals were being served the staff kept saying Hi to Ted who lapped up the attention and announced "Nice Man!" which made us all smile as this was the first time he had ever said the word Nice and I think he meant it!

For mains we went for Chicken Schnitzel and Thai Duck Stir Fry. By this point as I mentioned my taste buds were completely shot from the chilli and salt in the Edamame so I did find my Schnitzel a bit bland. That said I have had it before and it is a great meal, just perhaps the wrong combination. The mashed potato is super creamy and it is served with a grilled lemon and rocket which I love!

Mum's Stir Fry looked amazing and she said it was really tasty but just a bit rich with the chilli jam adding too much sweetness to the dish. 

Overall we thought the food was great but could just have done with a few minor tweaks to make them perfect. I would go easier on the salt in the Edamame and remove the chilli jam from the stir fry as it wasn't needed and there would be two perfect dishes.

My ratings...

5/5 Customer Service
4/5 Quality of Food
5/5 Variety on Menu
3/5 Value for Money
4/5 Facilities

The baby changing facilities were basic but clean and well maintained and the restaurant has that great vibe that I expect from Giraffe branches. Although it is a brand new restaurant it feels welcoming and homely which I think adds to it's attraction. The prices are higher than we normally pay but acceptable for a special occasion and the staff were fantastic.

Have you visited Giraffe yet? 

You can see the full menu on the Giraffe website.

P.s I lost lots of my photo's from the meal on my old phone, so sorry! The pictures at the top are my own and so are my opinions but all other images are from the website.

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  1. I've never been to a Giraffe restaurant but would love to go, the food looks fantastic! x


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