Sunday, 18 January 2015

First Time Parent's Guide to Baby Products

Other than the usual essentials every baby truly needs there are products we pick up along the way to help us with parenting and many we buy because A. Everyone else has one and B. We think we are bad parents if we don't have one.

I want to share with you the must haves, the must not haves and the must never be seen again's of the parenting world!

Things We Really Needed...and loved!

Bottles - Bottle fed babies need bottles...but when it comes to picking the right bottle that is were the confusion starts. Luckily I discovered the Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature range and fell in love with them. Ted fed really well with them and he had little to no colic. We also got the next item from TT and loved it too.

Microwave Steriliser - These are genius, I won't go in to too much detail but you can read my full review here. I don't agree with spending lots of money and time faffing about with sterilising tablets when your microwave can do the trick in a few minutes!

Sleeping Bags - The Gro Company and the likes, you know the ones. Little one gets popped into them and they are snug as a bug until morning...or the 2am feed!

Dribble Bibs - Because they will sick up and dribble...everywhere...and it will get yucky! They also look very funky and take up minimal space in changing bags.

Budget Nappies - Supermarket own brand nappies, wipes, nappy bags etc are just as good and in some cases better than own brands Lucy from Mrs Bishop's Bakes and Banter has written a great comparison between Pampers and Aldi's Mamia nappies this week. Why not give cheaper ones a go!

Rocker/Bouncy Chair - It was great having a safe place to put tiny Ted down. He was comfortable, secure and actually loved spending time in his baby chair. It was great for when I needed to do some housework and he often fell asleep while being rocked gently.

Things We Thought We Needed

Bottle Warmer - We never used fact we have ours still in its box. We always used either hot water in a bowl to heat Ted's bottles or the microwave but this must be done carefully. He now has his cows milk straight from the fridge and even as a little one would have his milk however it came, not fussy our boy!

Changing Unit/Mat- We set up a gorgeous changing station when I was pregnant in Ted's room. I used it a few times when he was newborn but mostly we used the bed, the floor, the sofa, the back of the car and basically any flat surface we could find to change him. I had a fold up mat in my changing bag for when we were outdoors but could never understand why people would carry their child all the way up to their room just to change a nappy! It just seemed pointless to me.

Nappy Bin - My point as above, who needs to traipse upstairs to dispose of a nappy when they could just pop it in a nappy bag and in to the normal bin? Waste of a lot of money and another product we 'thought' we needed.

Baby Shoes - Come on...why does a baby need shoes? We were brainwashed in to thinking we needed these, bought some or were gifted them. They never fitted on Ted's feet properly and were only our way of dressing him up to make him look cute. I will definitely be giving these a miss with the next one.

Things No Parents 'Need'.

Babywipe Warmer - Ted was born in December so I fully appreciate the wipes got a little cold in the night but not enough to need a gadget for them! Just hold them in your  hand for a second or two before use and they will be fine. Madness.

Nappy Holder - In our house this is called the packaging. Anyone who comes into your house and comments on how ugly that bag of unused nappies looks is a fool and should be removed from your social circle. Don't waste money on a specialist bag, box, unit to keep your frigging nappies in!

Burp Cloths - By this I mean the ones that are a tiny strip of fabric you drape over your shoulder specifically for sick ups. Just use a muslin square and if that isn't big enough you can always resort to a pac-a-mac!

What products would you add to or throw out of the
First Time Parent's Guide to Baby Products?


  1. I hate nappy bins, such noisy useless things! We used our change table quite a lot and were sad when the babies got to big to use it x

    1. It is funny how everyone finds things they like and things they don't, I am sure plenty of people would disagree on this list :) x


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