Friday, 30 January 2015

5 Top Tips for January Sales and Shoetique Boots Review


Are you with me guys? Christmas is over, New Year has been and it is frigging freezing outside. January sucks it's official. 


It does bring us one good thing...SALES

The January sales, the time of year when even the sanest of person can be seen shoving an old lady out of their way just to get their hands on that last 50p Christmas Jumper from the rail in their size.

All joking aside though, the sales are a great place to pick up some bargains and add a sparkle of happiness to an otherwise miserable month. I have been checking out a great website called Shoetique recently and was lucky enough to receive a pair of boots to share with you.

I will get to the review soon but first I want to give you my 5 Top Tips for Sales Shopping!

1. Go prepared - this means comfy shoes, layers (it will get stuffy in those stores) and plenty of snack breaks...refuelling is a must!

2. Take a friend - Someone who knows what you like. Give them a list of items/sizes you are after and arrange a place to meet once you have rounded up your haul.

3. Buy Bigger - This applies to children's clothes. Always look at the sizes and try to guess the age they will be next year for that season. Buy Christmas jumpers for next year or summer hats a size bigger for when the sun comes out.

4. Stand your ground - This doesn't mean getting into a brawl over the last Superman onesie on the rack but it does mean don't let people be rude to you or snatch from you. If you want something then say politely "I had that first b**ches" - Yes I mean Beaches!

5. Be patient - You can sometimes get even better bargains at the end of the sales when stores are looking to shift old stock and they will reduce the prices again to clear room for the new ranges.

Hopefully you are all set for some good old rummaging!

Shoetique Review

My gorgeous Heavenly Feet boots are in the Shoetique Winter Sale reduced to £31.50. These Pluto 2 boots in Chocolate are one of the best pairs of boots I have ever had. 

They have a slight wedge heel of 1.5cm which is something I have had recommended to me so many times. Totally flat shoes really hurt my feet If I wear them for a long time but these wedges made them so easy to wear. I appreciated this on a day shopping around Milton Keynes recently!

The fleece linings are warm and cozy but not too thick like with some winter boots and I found the anti-fatigue insoles are great, I was amazed that even after a long walk my feet didn't hurt a all! 

The design is really simple but they do look great on, especially with a pair of skinny jeans. I like the elasticated side panel and the buckle, they are a style I think will never go out of fashion. They are imitation leather but seem to be really high quality and I think they will last me a long time. 

My Heavenly Feet Boots on our Family Photoshoot

I don't usually spend much on shoes but for just over £30 I think these are a great price and if you spend over £40 on Shoetique you get free next day delivery so why not have a look now and you can have a pair for the weekend!

*I was sent these boots in exchange for an honest review but all opinions are my own.

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  1. Those boots are gorgeous, off to have a look as I could do with some new boots myself x


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