Thursday, 4 December 2014

Party Planning - Feed 80 Guests for £50

With Ted's 2nd Birthday party coming up on Sunday I wanted to share with you how we are managing to feed 80 people for under £50! As it is a joint party we have friends and family from both sides coming and I know 80 guests for a kids party sounds a lot but we have big families!

We decided to shop in Aldi as it literally is the best food shop for getting good quality food on a budget. My friend managed to get a couple of vouchers from the newspaper for £10 off when you spend £50 so we got 2 and actually estimated that we would spend approx. £50 each on the food and drink. I mean 80 people is a lot of mouths to feed and wedding receptions come in at at least £15 a head for a buffet don't they?!

So two toddlers in tow and trolleys at the ready we stepped through the door of Aldi. Just under an hour later we emerged with all of our shopping, slightly frazzled hair and luckily still two cheeky toddlers.

Here is our menu:

Selection of cakes (Angel, Madeira and Fruit Cake. Cupcakes and Teacakes)
Sandwiches (Cheese, Ham, Primula and Marmite)
Sausage Rolls
Celery with Primula
Quiche (Cheese and Onion)
Pasta (Tuna and Sweetcorn and Red Pesto with Peppers and Sundried Tomato)
Squash (Orange and Blackcurrant)
Rich Tea biscuits for decorating with chocolate buttons, icing and mini marshmallows!

We were gobsmacked that all of the food for the party came in at just under £50 and I am sure you will agree it is going to be a great buffet!

The partyware was bought separately from either the cash and carry, Poundland or online so we didn't need to worry about them although we managed to get great deals on them too so the party in total came under budget. 

Totally chuffed with the menu for the party and can't wait to get started. We have lots of germs in the house at the moment with a poorly Ted and I can feel myself going the same way so fingers crossed we are well for Saturday!

*This isn't endorsed by Aldi in any way...we just love them!


  1. Fabulous! The buffet sounds yummy: sorry we are missing it, but excited about my best friends wedding this weekend! :-)
    Aldi is incredible! :-) Xxx

  2. That is fantastic!
    It sounds like you have got everything ready for a great party x

  3. You got a BARGAIN!! We love Aldi too! x

  4. That’s very good thought by offering good party recipe. Why don’t you have idea for attracting kids?


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