Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Our Handmade Christmas - The Santa Plate and Ted's Christmas Eve Hamper

Everyone knows Santa loves a good treat when he Ho Ho Ho's down our chimneys (or breaks into our homes) every Christmas Eve. This little plate I made for Ted is the perfect place to pop those Santa Yum Yums and I am sure you will agree it is super easy and cheap to make!

Take one plain white plate, we got ours from Ikea for 50p, and some Sharpie markers...ok these were pound shop permanent markers but they work the same.

The trick is to decide on a design before you start drawing as the permanent markers do what they say on the tin!

My design was created by dotting around the outside of a circle cookie cutter and I actually did the carrot freehand but you could trace round an actual carrot if you want to be precise ;)

I then labelled up the spaces for what goes on them, Mince Pie, Carrot and Drink (I decided not to be too specific as I know Santa like Jack Daniels when I was little!)

The lettering is so easy to do too, I just added big dots to the ends of each letter to make it look a bit more exciting than my standard handwriting! 

There you have it...one Santa Plate all ready for the big man himself. This will be going in Ted's Christmas Eve Hamper which I put together.

It includes Tartan PJ's from Primark £4, Santa Cuddly from Poundland £1 (obvs) and a Santa Book originally from M&S but we got it on the market for £1 with a bit of haggling!

I was going to include some other bits but thought this was plenty as a little gift and can be added to as he gets older. Some other idea's could be...a Christmas Movie, Hot Chocolate, Blanket, Snacks, Socks and Reindeer Dust for sprinkling on the ground for Rudolph and his pals.

I love making things for Christmas and we have so many more crafts and gifts to share with you in the coming weeks. Have you made anything nice? I always love to see other peoples creations so please share the links below!

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  1. That plate is gorgeous!! Love your Xmas Eve hamper too x


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