Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Little Book of AWESOME from Got2Jot!

I mentioned in a couple of posts that I recently attended the Tots 100 Blog Camp. It was a fab day and I learnt so much about photography, blogging and the wonderful world of YouTube. I had so many notes to take and luckily I had a gorgeous new notepad to scribble them all down in! 

This super colourful notepad by Happy Jackson is from a great website called Got2Jot. Sarah, the founder of the website actually lives just 10 minutes from me which I was surprised to find out, it really is such a small world! 

I have loved this website for a while now as it stocks some of my most favouritest things in the world...Happy Jackson products and a huge range of other stationery from well known brands. 

Happy Jackson is one of my all time favourite stationery ranges. I love the humour in all of their products and they are really colourful and playful.

This Little Book of Awesome is just that...it is bright pink as you can see by the pictures and stands out against the dull green chairs on the 7.55 train from Northampton to Birmingham!

The front and back pages are covered in these doodles and they resemble school books with a labelled section for your name, class and subject! 

The vibrant mint green that runs along the edge of each page looks fab with the pink (pink and green have always been my fave combo) and it is finished off with a yellow elastic to keep the pages together. I always love a notepad with gilded edges!

At just £6.95 this would make a great gift, perhaps you could add a sweet message inside too for a loved one to find! 

Some of my other loves in the range are the Behold The Tools of a Genius pencil case and the Hole Punching How much FUN can one person have A4 Ring binder (again with the humour!)

Why not take a whizz over to the Got2Jot website, there are lots of great Christmas gift idea's for little ones and big ones alike!

*I was sent this notepad to review for you but all thoughts are my own!

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  1. I have a book just like this that says 'Random Crap' on the front :) x


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