Tuesday, 18 November 2014

5 Simple Wedding Planning Tips

You are engaged? Whaaaaat?! Congratulations!!!

Ok so that is the pleasantries out of the way...the ring is on your finger and you are a blushing bride to be. Now what? 

Wedding planning can turn the sweetest of ladies in to a full on Bridezilla at the drop of a hat but I have 5 simple tips to help the start of your wedding planning run smoothly.

Number 1 - Talk to your Fiance. 

This sounds silly but so many brides get swept away with their dream wedding plans and forget to ask your partner what they wants the day to be like. Involving them in the planning, even a small part, will make them feel important to you and I am sure they will then be more understanding about your neeeeeeeed of a horse drawn carriage on the big day!

Number 2 - Decide on a budget.

Why start married life buried in mountains of debt? With so many marriages ending in divorce and money being a big player in relationship breakdowns do you really want to risk it? 

Decide on a budget with your partner and work out what you can reasonably afford. Speak to family members and see what they are able to help with too, you will find most will be happy to buy one or two bits for the wedding which will give you more money to spend elsewhere.

Number 3 - Planning is Key

Get yourself a wedding planner/diary. There are some great ones out there that have checklists for everything from booking the venue to sending out thank you cards after the wedding. I have this one from Hallmark, it goes with my colour scheme and includes everything I need for the big day! 

Remember to keep receipts and quotes etc from companies in case you need to query or return anything. Clothing may need altering etc and when it comes to weddings there are plenty of companies out there making big money from your special day so don't let them take advantage! 

The planning stage also includes a guest list. This can be the hardest part of all but stick to your guns, it is your day so surround yourself with people who love you and you want to be there. 

Write a list of everyone you know and then sit down with your partner and decide who MUST attend, who can be a MAYBE and who can just be invited to the reception.

I know this bit is super stressful but when you have limited room at a venue you must fill it with people you want to be there! 

Then it's all about the table plan!!! (a whole other blog post!)

Number 4 - To Theme or not to Theme?

Themed weddings can be a great way of tying everything together. It doesn't have to be a Circus or Woodland themed wedding, just one or two colours you love will work. We have gone for Sage Green and Dusky Pinks for our big day and the colours will be a basis for the decorations and wardrobe.

Number 5 - Make Do and Mend

This doesn't mean darning old socks and donning hand me down party dresses although if that is your thing.....??

Think about years gone by and how people used to hand make decorations and bake their own cakes. Draw on any creativity you or friends and family may have and cut costs by making your own decorations etc.

I will be making my own favours boxes with the help of some wedding guests. Scotch tape and pretty paper can make some gorgeous little gifts. 

I hope I have given you some pointers to get started on that wedding planning. Good luck with everything and please share any advice you have for brides to be in the comments below!


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  2. I love this post! I loved planning our wedding and wish I could do it all over again. The one thing that was important to me was not starting married life in debt x

    1. We just need to save money for ours, it really doesn't have to be expensive. My parents had a gorgeous wedding for just £2000

  3. Lovely post. I love the theme idea - like you say, it doesn't have to be an over the top theme, but just a colour scheme or something as a starting point that you would like to feature. Tip 5 is great too - weddings can be so expensive if you aren't careful!

    1. I love a good theme but like I said it doesn't have to be difficult! My friends had a travel themed wedding and it was lovely :) xx


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