Thursday, 23 October 2014

LEGO Ultra Agent's

I was given the opportunity to review a series of LEGO sets and as I am not really qualified in this area I got some help from my cousin Ryan who is a huge LEGO fan and well suited for the role of chief tester!

Here is his second review and this time it is the LEGO Ultra Agents – Infearno Interception.

LEGO, Review, Ultra Agents

In mid-2104, LEGO released the new series, Ultra Agents. The series consisted of 6 sets, and I was lucky enough to review Infearno Interception!

The set consists of 313 pieces, two minifigures and a vehicle. 

The Agent Solomon Blaze is very nice, with quite a lot of detail. From the robotic right leg, to the cuts and stubble on his face, Solomon is a lovely figure, with a great hairpiece, and two alternative faces. Solomon barely fits in the seated compartment, but if you push him back, the lid just about closes.

Infearno himself is the villain of the set, and is the best minifigure out of the two. The great, new fire ‘hairpiece’ is a lovely addition to the set, and really ‘sets’ the figure off. This minifigure has a lot of detail on both its legs and torso (Front and back)

Included with Infearno is a body piece with a mechanism that you have to build, but it really adds to the figure. You then also have Infearno’s ‘vehicle’ in the form of a fire-powered surfboard.

The vehicle itself is very big, but includes a lot of lovely pieces which are great additions to anyone’s collection. From all angles it looks great, and has a lot of hidden features.

If you flip the front wheels inwards, and the back wheels downwards, you get a flying effect so Solomon Blaze can chase Infearno on his surfboard. 

If you push down the back, two missiles are revealed, and if you push them, they travel through and can hit Infearno when he’s getting away!

The seat inside flies out of its compartment when you push the small red ball at the back. The mechanism underneath pushes the seat upwards, so Solomon can grab Infearno from his board.

Thank you Ryan again for another great LEGO review if you enjoyed this why not check out his LEGO Mixels review!

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