Thursday, 16 October 2014

LEGO Mixels: Series 2 – ‘Slumbo’, ‘Tentro’, and ‘Nixel’

This review is something a bit different on the blog. I was given the opportunity to review a series of LEGO sets and as I am not really qualified in this area I got some help from my cousin Ryan who is a huge LEGO fan and well suited for the role of chief tester!

Here is his first review of the LEGO Mixels Series...

Series 2 of the LEGO Mixels are here, and I am lucky enough to review two of the products!

First we have Slumbo, a member of the Frosticon clan in the Mixel Universe! Overall, this is a great, build able figure, with a lot of fascinating pieces!

'The Eyes' The eye pieces are simply Minifigure head pieces, with a blue classic space helmet put over it to acts as eyelids!

'The Teeth' This is a brilliant piece, which, when covered with another piece, looks like teeth!

'The Weapons' These lovely, sculpted weapons are parts that could easily be mistaken for Slumbo's hands. They are lovely new pieces, which I'm sure will be used in the future!

'The Blue Pieces' Here you can see all the blue, translucent pieces included with the character (From L - R): Diamond, 'Cheese Slices', and the weapons.

Also included with this figure is a 'Nixel'. The Nixels are the enemies of the Mixels, and is a great surprise to include in the set.

Finally, we have Tentro, who is a member of the Flexers clan.

'The Eyes' Every creature has to have eyes, and Tentro's come in the shape of orb pieces!

'The Neck' Tentro's head spins, and this is the piece that allows it to turn 360 Degrees!

Overall, Slumbo and Tentro are a great value for money, and are brilliant for a quick and easy build!

To find out more about The Mixels visit the LEGO website

Thank you Ryan for such a fab review! I hope you all enjoyed reading this and please keep an eye out for the next review of the LEGO Ultra Agents!

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  1. So jealous, I'd love to review Lego, actually, Hubby would be in his element! x


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