Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Dear Santa: My Nice List Pitch

Dear Santa,

Every year I write to you and say how good I have been but this year I have not been at my best. I have eaten too much, exercised less than I would have liked to, put off doing housework, used swear words and complained my way through many a week. 

Therefore I would like to say I am sorry but I probably deserve to be on the naughty list. 

I may deserve nothing but a lump of coal but I thought I would chance my luck and write a little pitch about all the good things I have done too so you can decide which list to put me on! 

This year I....Learnt I can multitask like a pro, I discovered I can implement the naughty corner in any building (or car park!) and I can now bathe a screaming toddler in under a minute!

I survived the train alone for the first time, made lots of new friends and taught myself how to cook chilli con carne without a packet mix. I raised £62 for Macmillan by hosting a coffee morning at work and endured hours of awkward silences with a 'difficult' colleague.

I have done lots of things I am proud of, not only here on the blog as mentioned in my 4 year post  but in my family life too. I have muddled through the past year as a Mummy and despite the hard days I am so proud of what I have taught Ted and learnt about myself along the way. 

Ok so now for what I would like to find under the tree if I make it on to the good list. 

  • 10 Packs of Nerds...you know the super sour 90's sweets? Yep those!
  • Someone to come and relieve me of my cleaning duties for 2 weeks to catch up with washing. Ooh and while you are at it a new washing machine would go down well, do they make self loading washing machines yet? If not I will settle for one of those bog standard normal washing machines as long as it is clean and doesn't nibble holes in my clothes like the current one!
  • Some new shoes...all of mine have holes in and my feet are getting chilly!
  • 2 single wardrobes with 3 drawers at the bottom to go on either side of our bed...I know the ones I want but they don't sell them anymore...perhaps your elves could knock some up?
  • Finally I would like a deposit for a new house so that we can build a future for our family and live in somewhere we can call Home!
I think I have rambled on for a long time now but I will leave the decision in your capable hands. 

Your choice Santy C....is it Naughty or Nice for me?

Lots of Love

Aged 26 and 1 month


*This is a collaborative post

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  1. A lovely list! I'm sure you'll at least get the Nerds ;) x


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