Monday, 6 October 2014

A Letter to my Readers...

My Dearest Blog Jockeys...

I just wanted to let you know I am still here. We have been having 'issues' of a toddler variety of late. Sleepless nights, fighting bedtimes, traumatic bath times and most upsettingly is separation anxiety at an all time high. This has resulted in exhausted Mummy and Daddy who have zero energy left to function as normal human beings. Mummy in particular has lost every ounce of imagination and is experiencing writers block. 

I feel very sad that something I love has ended up filling me with a sense of 'do I have to' that I have never felt before. However, my writing is taking a back seat at the moment to leave room for the important things like eating, sleeping and entertaining an oversensitive little boy. 

Mummy duty has taken priority and rightfully so as it is the most important job in the world but it means the blog has been quiet and this is why. Sorry lovely readers, I promise to be back soon but for now why not have a little explore of some archived posts and learn more about our little family!

Send me motivational thoughts people! 

Lots of Love



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  1. Come back soon but I'm sure everyone who reads understands being a mum comes first x


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