Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Mum's Cheese and Potato Pie Recipe

Growing up one of my favourite dinners was my Mum's Cheese and Potato Pie. It was everything comfort food should be and a plate of that delicious carbfest was enough to mend a broken heart or bone

Mum's recipe was so simple I am not even sure it classes as a recipe and I don't think it ever consisted of measurements so I am going to give it a go and hope you can keep up!


6-7 Maris Piper Potatoes (other mashing potatoes work too)
Cheese - The stronger the better!
and my addition 3 Spring Onions


  • Peel, chop and boil your spuds. The boiling time will depend on how many you do and how small they are chopped, for medium potatoes I recommend cutting in quarters. They will be cooked when you can prod them with a knife and they slip off the end. 
  • Strain the potatoes and leave them to one side to steam, this will dry them out as too much water makes for soggy spuds! 
  • While they dry get grating the cheese. I would say a good handful is plenty with a little extra for the top. Again no measurements here just go with your taste buds. If your cheesy like me then add more...if a cheesefest isn't what you are after then add less!
  • Slice your spring onions finely, I add a little of the green bits too for colour and they taste a bit milder than the white parts. 
  • Pop the potatoes back into the saucepan and give them a good mash STRONG ARMS REQUIRED. Add in a small tablespoon of butter (we use marge so a little healthier...who am I kidding this isn't a diet recipe!) and a glug of milk...approx 50ml (*cough* I never measure!)
  • Give it a mixeroo and add some seasoning, I leave the salt out in mine so Ted can eat it but feel free to use it if you like. Black pepper is fab in this...the more the merrier! 
  • Add the cheese (leaving some for the top) and spring onions and stir to combine. 
  • Dollop into a dish...we used our Guinness pie dish because it was the only one that we own *blushes*
  • This next bit is mandatory....Lick the Spoon!!! (this was done with my Mum and will be done forever)

Nemo decided he needed dinner before it was cooked!

  • Sprinkle the cheese on top and pop into a 180 degrees oven until the cheese has melted and gone a yummy golden brown! 
  • Let it cool down a little before eating...Molten Cheese!

We have ours with sausages and veggies because we like to pretend we are healthy but you can just have a huge bowl of it with a spoon as you sob into the bowl about whatever you needed comforting about in the first place! 

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  1. I love this recipe! I like how everything is a guestimate - it makes it so real and homely x

  2. Love recipes handed down and my mum always guessed how much to put in too. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part

  3. This looks so yummy I am going to make it today!

  4. This sounds really delicious and something new to try. Thank you for sharing this.



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