Tuesday, 16 September 2014

25 words Ted can say at 21 months

At the moment we are having some issues trying to get Ted to use words rather than pointing at things, taking our hands and leading us places or generally just making noises instead of actual words. 

I was surprised to get feedback from his childminder recently that she thinks he should be saying more and although I have always been of the frame of mind that he will learn to talk in his own time I can't help but feel anxious. 

So I want to put it to you guys and hear your opinions. The Green words are words Ted will say every day if not every other day. Mum, Dad and No he says himself but all other words need to be prompted by us and he will choose if he gives a response.

The Orange words are words he will say sometimes, again in response to questions like Who's that? or What is that?. Often when prompted though he will just make a little squeaky noise and refuse to say the word.

The Red words are words he has said once or twice but refused to say again.

Words he says regularly...









Words he says sometimes...










Word he has said once or twice...









It feels to me like he is being lazy with his words, knowing he will get what he wants if he speaks or not. I have tried refusing things until he speaks but he gets upset and I don't want him to feel we are teasing him. We have tried telling him to use his words and I often sit down with books saying words to him and making him watch my mouth so that he knows how to form the words but he rarely wants to speak and uses his little squeak again.

Ted is such a clever little boy and understands everything we say to him. If I ask him to get something that is next to the TV or on the table he knows exactly what I mean and goes to get it. He can point out objects and rarely gets them wrong when asked where it is but he just won't say the words.

Physically he is developing amazingly. He runs around like a madman and is beginning to embrace imaginative play, pretending to put his toys to sleep or making his dinosaur eat people. He is a whizz with a football and dribbles it around the garden, the ball barely leaving his feet. We are getting him into classes from his 2nd birthday.

He eats well, having mastered feeding himself and enjoys a healthy balanced diet. His sleeping is fab, despite the occasional bedtime meltdown once a month but that is normal. Every part of his development is perfect apart from his speech and I feel awful for being concerned about it, I know he will learn it eventually but sometimes when people mention they are concerned I can't help but think there is more we could be doing to help him learn.

Is he just lazy or should we try something different?


  1. We all worry about development but it sounds like he is doing fine. Boys are notoriously lazy and one day he will just come out with it all. We have a great book called 100 first words and archie loves pointing to the pictures and saying the words

    1. We have a book with pictures but may invest in a bigger one and see how we get on. His childminder mentioned he doesn't say please and thank you which is one I have been trying to get him to say since he was tiny to no avail! xx

  2. I think his speech sounds fantastic! LP could only say a few words at 21 months so I think Ted is doing great. ALl words will come in time x


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