Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Ted's First Build-A-Bear!

We recently went on an exciting adventure on the hunt for Ted's very first Build-A-Bear

Here is how our day went...

We...are going on a...Build-A-Bear hunt...

We're going to pick a good one...

What an exciting day...we are most definitely not scared! 

Uh Oh! Which one shall we choose?!

A fluffy dog or sparkly pony ones that shine...

We choose a snuggly tubby teddy...Ted shouted..."Mine!" 

Next came the stuffing, our bear needed to look his best,

We added a strawberry scent into his tummy...

with a heartbeat and special heart in his chest.

Kissing/Eating the heart!

 Next it was pamper time,

Our bear needed some care,

Ted brushed his soft fur and fluffed it up with air.

Next it was time to dress our bear and give him a name,

We chose matching shark hat and shoes 

and Toothy the bear he became.

We printed our certificate and Toothy was complete

With Toothy and Ted as new best friends 

I think Ted was happy with his treat!

I love the quality of these bears, I have my own one I got a few years ago and he is still super soft. They are also great for small children and Ted's bear is a special Velvet Hugs bear who is allergy friendly and doesn't contain certain chemicals and allergens that could affect Asthma and allergy sufferers. He can also be popped in the freezer to kill off any germs which I thought was fab! 

We would like to thank Laura at the Milton Keynes store for all her help on the day. I think every child should visit Build-A-Bear Workshop at least once, it really is a fab experience and something we will treasure for a very long time. Bears start at just £13.50 and there is a range of smaller range of Mini Furry Friends which would make great stocking fillers for Christmas.

*we were given the full experience in exchange for an honest review, as usual all opinions are our own.


  1. Oh what a fantastic treat and such a cute bear! x

  2. Ahh I really want to take Ethan. Looks like so much fun! x

  3. Awww Ted looks like he loves his new bear! :) xx

  4. Aww Jade this is so lovely and what a fun way to tell the tale of your build a bear adventure! x

  5. Aww! How lovely! Looks like a great adventure x

  6. Ted looks so pleased with his new bear, such a great choice of name x

  7. Aww Ted looks like he had a great time and he seems so in love with his bear! I wish there was nearby as I'd love to take my little ones to make one!


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