Thursday, 28 August 2014

Super Easy Chocolate Fondue for Toddlers

Chocolate Fondue Toddlers Fruit

This recipe is so simple you could perhaps do it blindfolded...if you wanted...

Here is my Super Easy Chocolate Fondue and I might add it doesn't have to be just for toddlers but fussy eaters in general. If it's dipped in chocolate 9 times out of 10 they will eat it!


Chocolate Spread (Nutella is good but other brands are available...psst Aldi's is good!)

Anything you want to dip in it!


Pop the chocolate spread in a pot....or an egg cup in my case as I found it took only a small amount of spread (health conscious) but just enough for dipping.

Sprinkles optional.

Cut up anything your little one can dip in it. We chose strawberries, grapes, banana and star shaped bread (cookie cutter to the rescue)...ooh and some little bear biccies!


and Enjoy Ted did....


  1. This looks a great idea and a bit of messy play thrown in for good measure! x

  2. Love this, especially the star shaped bread. Will have to try this with Eli :)

    1. It's so easy and can be thrown together from anything you have in the fruit bowl. We make apple 'donuts' too, they are coming up in another post today!

  3. Great idea.bella would have to share it with me though

  4. Ted looks so scrumptious with his chocolatey face! Bless him. Have been meaning to give Aldi's choc spread a go, so will try that! Bet Bert would love a choc dip fest! X


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