Sunday, 3 August 2014

Summer Sun Protection Tips

Summer is great fun isn't it? Full of fun in the sun and holidays, sometimes though we forget too protect ourselves and our bodies in the sunshine.

The lovely people at TENA sent me a little pack of goodies recently to help protect me from the heat, sun and any unwanted accidents this summer.

Follow these tips and you should be able to keep yourself protected through the holidays.


Sun glasses not only look fab but they protect our eyes from those harmful rays that can cause serious damage. Always remember to buy glasses with sun protection factor (SPF) included. A few years ago cheap sunglasses were literally just tinted lenses but now most stores including pound shops and even Primark sell glasses with sun protection, just check for the little sticker on the lenses.


Not of the alcoholic variety either! Make sure you keep well hydrated especially in the summer. When we sweat our body releases lots of water, making sure we replace water that is lost is so important. Any non-alcoholic drinks will count towards your intake so make sure you are drinking plenty throughout the day.


When it is hot outside and air circulation is low it is so nice to have a cool breeze to take the edge off. Whether you choose a handheld fan, geisha style, or an electric beast to cool you down is up to you but they really do help. I was sent a gorgeous wooden fan from TENA to use and it is in my handbag for any unwanted heat.


We all know the importance of suncream. You would have thought everyone would know that suncream is a necessity in the sun but you would be surprised the amount of people who still don't use it. Even being out in the sun for just a few minutes can kick start things from sunburn to heatstroke and can leave ever lasting damage to our delicate skin. Always wear a suncream to match the weather. I always opt for factor 30 as I have fair skin but for children a full block or factor 50 is strongly recommended.

I know to most people it is a hassle to remember to put sun cream on but the damage it causes not only the short term is quite shocking. Skin damage is a serious issue and can not only cause your skin to age prematurely but can cause Cancer so please be careful in the sun!

Simple skincare have a great range of creams which contain built in SPF protection, perfect for everyday use even when you aren't in direct sunlight.


Choosing the right clothing for your day on the beach can be a tough task. Wearing just a swimsuit can always seem like the best decision but when the sun is beating down on you it is important to protect yourself. Always wear a hat, they protect your head from direct sun and will help prevent heatstroke. A sarong is also great for throwing over swimwear to add some much needed cover up.

Light liners
Finally for those moments we can't always protect ourselves against, those Oop's moments, there is Lights from TENA . Pantyliners are super discreet and can even be worn with  a bikini. Say goodbye to embarrassing leaks and hello to summer fun!

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