Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Keeping Fit - My Gym Kit and Sportshoes Review

Last week was the first time I was able to drag myself off of the sofa and out of the door to the gym...I know...I know...it's been weeks since I got my membership but with the holiday and then being unwell I have really been struggling to find motivation.

If I am honest with you I think the fear of going was worse than going itself. Of that makes sense? 

I got myself all ready in my new gym gear, courtesy of the lovely people at Sportsshoes.com (don't miss the S at the end of Sports or you do end up with something completely altogether different with a bit of sweary words on!) and I set off to Virgin Active. Bearing in mind I had been at work all day it was a fair effort for me to just get in the car and go but I did it.

I managed a 5 minute walk (Warm Up) a 10 Minute run and another 5 Minute walk (Cool Down). To many that may not sound like much but going from no exercise to an hour long work out was always going to be a tough one so I wanted to ease myself in gently.

My gym kit which consists of my beautiful black, pink and green Nike Zoom Wildhorse Running shoes and matching Nike Legend Workout Pants with pink lining (£35.09).

Nike Legend 2.0 Women's Slim Workout Pants - SU14 picture 1
Nike Zoom Wildhorse Women's Trail Running Shoes - SU14 picture 1

I love the trousers and how they suck my tummy in, I got a medium which is meant to be a 12-14 although I think I maybe should have gone for the large but was remaining optimistic that I would drop a dress size eventually! They have an ace Dri-Fit fabric which is great for when you are working out as it keeps you dry and comfortable. They are also a really great design with a higher back on the seam to avoid any pant flashing scenario's and a little flap in the back of the waistband for a music player although my phone is a bit too big really.

My trainers are very special. Since I was in my teens I have always had a love for trainers but never owned a proper pair of running shoes. The Wildhorse trainers are designed for running on any surface, it means I can use them on concrete or in the gym. The fabric is so flexible I felt like my feet were being hugged from all angles although I did get a bit of rubbing the first time I wore them so will have to see if that eases as I continue to use them. The cushioned soles are a great support on my feet when running and felt like lots of little tiny springs underfoot. If you are looking to run on a regular basis these £79.99 trainers are well worth the money.

Nike Legend 2.0 Women's Slim Workout Pants - SU14 picture 2Nike Zoom Wildhorse Women's Trail Running Shoes - SU14 picture 2

I teamed these with a sports bra I picked up from Primark for about £4 and a loose fitting lilac vest although I will probably opt for black next time as I felt I stood out too much. 

I felt very awkward when running, not quite knowing where to look as there were people on the mats in front and running alongside me so I plugged my headphones in and worked out to a bit of Ed Sheeran. I am switching clubs this week in the hope that a slightly smaller and less busy gym might suit me better than the hustle and bustle of the Riverside club. It is probably perfect for regulars but for a beginner I felt a bit overwhelmed and not quite sure what I was doing there.

I am off to the gym again tonight so I will let you know how I get on!


  1. Great post! I've got the same sports bra from Primark :) xx

    1. Thank you! It is comfy isn't it! I wear it quite a lot at home if I don't want the wires of a normal bra :) xx

  2. Oh this is fab! I'm just starting to exercise with my couch to 5k in the local park! I know if I signed up to a gym I'd never use the membership! x


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