Sunday, 24 August 2014

Aldi Back to School - School Uniform

Now our local Aldi store may look like a jumble sale but it is well worth battling through the narrow aisles and tripping over items customers have knocked off the shelves and ignored forgotten to put back. Although this is all my opinion, it does seem if you want a bargain these days in some cases you have to make it through a small bombsite to get them! 

I am probably being a bit harsh, our nearest store is a bit too small and the customers are often dressed in PJ's, rude and slightly standoffish if you take the last pack of Disco biscuits before they do but the staff are super friendly and the prices are the best around! 

As you all know our little Ted is a few years off school age yet but as the majority of you (my readers) have children who are heading back to school in September I thought I would share the fab deals I have seen in Aldi this month! 

The school uniform from Aldi is a fraction of the price of other brands and I must say the quality is better than I expected. I popped in store to have a little rummage through the range and was pleasantly surprised.

I am literally gobsmacked at how cheap the Aldi Back to School range is. I didn't think it possible that parents could kit their kids out in a whole school uniform for just £10.99! That includes trousers, a polo shirt, a sweater and even shoes! 
Girls' Scuff-Resistant ShoesBoys' Scuff-Resistant Shoes

Round necked sweatshirts in red or navy £1.25

Pleated Skirts, navy, black or grey £1.50

Polo shirts come in white or blue £1.25

Trousers in navy, black or grey for Girls and Boys £1.50

Short Sleeved Shirts £1.99

Kid's shoes in sizes 10-3 £6.99

*All clothing comes in ages 4-11

We were sent a red pack-a-mac (pictured above) to sample the quality and it is as good as any simple raincoat I have ever had. It folds away neatly into the front pocket and fits nicely into Ted's changing bag for any unexpected downpours. Ted is in age 2-3 clothing now and although the smallest size was aged 5 with the sleeved rolled up this will protect Ted from the rain as it is designed to do and is waterproof for light showers. Not sure how it would fair in torrential rain but we will see!

I appreciate I am not the best person to be reviewing Back to School clothes so I will send you over to Inside The Wendy House where they have had a lot of experience picking school uniforms over the years! 


  1. I didn't know Aldi did school uniform, looks a bargain! x

  2. Gosh that is all so cheap! My Aldi is very similar to yours though everything is always everywhere!

  3. Wow! They are really cheap - my girl starts pre-school with a full uniform in a few weeks. I may pop in to get a few little extras! xxx

  4. We love Aldi. We have had uniforms from there in the past and have never had a problem. We are massive fans of the nappies and food. They recently built one a few minutes from us too, so we are really chuffed. It's the small things! x


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