Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Tesco Free From Range

I am sure I mentioned at some point on the blog or on social media about my Migraines and how from a young age the only trigger I could find was either hormonal changes i.e pregnancy or strangely...peanut butter! 

I was very excited to discover a product called Wowbutter about a year ago which is made from Soy Beans and no word of a lie tastes just like peanut butter. It even comes with little stickers for lunchboxes to let schools know there isn't real peanuts inside! 

The sad thing was that until now I could only get this online from Amazon and had to buy in bulk so had 3 big jars sat in the cupboard for months as I tried to get through them. I guess that is OK as they do have a long shelf life but I would love to be able to buy them with my weekly shop...


Tesco now stock WowButter! Eep! 

As part of their great selection of Nut Free products Tesco stock a variety of products from cereals to crisps and of course the delicious Wowbutter. This stuff is great in sandwiches, on toast, in baking and anywhere else you might use regular peanut butter. Emma from The Mini Mes and Me has a fab recipe for Nut Free Chocolate and Wowbutter Fudge

Not only do they have Nut Free products but as part of their lifestyle range they stock tonnes more Free From ranges including gluten, wheat and lactose free foods. 

Ted has tried the lactose free chocolate buttons, I found the flavour a little bit off and it tasted similar to American chocolate with that funny texture too. We also gave the gluten free Free From Cereal's a whirl, I am going to be honest here and say the flavours weren't up to much but if your children have an intolerance and still want to enjoy breakfast cereal's I suppose they have the textures and novelty that kid's cereals have. 

There is a great special offer on the Tesco Free From ranges at the moment Any 4 for 3 Cheapest Product FREE!

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