Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Products We Love...For Summer!

With the summer now in full swing there are so many amazing products hitting the shelves, from beachwear to BBQ food and a whole host of toys and games to keep the children busy in the holidays! 

I love all the bright colours and patterns on clothes for the summer and everything really gets more cheerful and colourful in general.

We have been reviewing some fab items in the past few weeks and while on holiday in the beautiful Cornwall last week! Here are some of our favourite finds for summer!

1. These clothes were Ted's beach essentials. The shoes are from Brantano for £8, I love the octopus detail and the velcro meant they could be slipped on and off easily. The outfit was a 3 piece from Nutmeg by Morissons. I had my heart set on a George Pig swimsuit for Ted but when I saw this set for just £8 I had to have it...even better that it had 25% off so we got it for £6! Total bargain and with UV protection built in I felt safe knowing he was covered up from those nasty sun rays.

2. This Bubble Blower from Tobar is great for summer parties or just keeping the little ones entertained. I could be made to stand for hours blowing bubbles as Ted chases them like a lunatic. This way I can leave them running and enjoy a nice cuppa! I love that it comes with a little handle for carrying too which is really good for not ending up saturated in bubble mixture! SRP £12.00

3. Crushed fruit pouches are great for throwing into the cool bag and taking to the park or beach this summer. You can serve them chilled on hot days and they have a really long shelf life so can be stored in the larder. These pouches are packed full of 100% crushed fruit providing a super easy snack to help get your little ones their 5 a day! Ted loves them! Although they are aimed at older kids than Ted he got on really well with them and didn't seem phased by the small lumps. He has only recently learned to suck from the pouches so they are really handy for us.

You can buy Crushed pouches in Waitrose at £3.50 for a pack of 4.

4. These QUUT beach toys are so innovative. I really wish I had thought of these designs. We have been testing out the Ballo, Cuppi and Ringo (from top to bottom in the pictures) and they proved a hit on holiday with kids and adults too!
  • The Ballo is a simple design but quite effective, it is essentially a bucket for fetching water from the sea, it has a string handle and is surprisingly good at holding the water in. My only concern would be that it is more for older kids as it gets quite heavy when full.
  •  The Cuppi is a spade, funnel and a ball in a set. You can use it to scoop up sand, pour sand and water through it and use the ball in the sand trenches you have dug out, I love the fact it can also be used to write messages by pouring the sand/water and using it to draw!
  •  The Ringo is essentially a set of hoops and a ball for playing Petanque or Hoopla as we call it. It can be used with the Cuppi too for a different game.
These are all available online and prices start from around £6.99

5. Aldi Specialbuys are a couple of words that are constantly being mentioned in our house. Aldi in general is a huge topic of conversation and I love trying out new products like this Frozen Dessert Maker. This sleek bit of kit is a great addition to any gadget cupboard and I was desperate to give it a go.

You basically freeze your fruit, milk, cream, chocolate etc, push it through the machine, frozen desserts come out of the other end! I found this a little hard to get used to as you really need to give it a good push and I wasn't quite strong enough but the results were some instant fruit ice cream! We did Strawberries and Banana's at first but I think they needed to be riper as it was a tad bitter. I also want to try to make frozen yoghurt with this as I had some on holiday and it was delicious! I will share some recipe's once I have got the hang of it! RRP £29.99

6. This one is a big exciting one! This amazing Indoor/Outdoor Beanbag from Bean Bag Bazaar is epic! It is a giant waterproof beanbag that can be used in the garden. Can't get better than that really! We haven't quite had the weather to try this out in the garden for a long time but we have used it indoors for a couple of weeks now and Ted adores it.

He watches cartoons on it, reads books and 'Bundles!' onto it at full pelt. It has been like our very own soft play and we love it to bits! Although a little on the pricey side it will last for years as it is super durable and has a folded zip so the beans don't escape. I can't wait for a full days sunshine so that we can make full use of it with a nice picnic. These are on special offer at the moment with 50% off making them £64.99 so snap them up quick as RRP is £129.99.

7. This little blue ball is wonderful. The One World Futbol is part of a huge charity project to help promote the healing power of play to children all over the world. This ball is almost indestructible. Even when it has been punctured several times it can last literally for decades. This amazing charity  send out balls to children in poor countries and some may never have to buy another ball again.

Also for every ball you buy One World send a ball to a child in a disadvantaged community. I love this concept and even if you don't need a ball yourself you can send one to one of the many campaigns listed on the website. These balls are £33.00 but think how many balls you may end up getting through in 10,20 or even 30 years! I know I for one will be keeping this one going as long as I can so that Ted can pass it on to my Grandchildren!

8. I have seen these little squeezy things on a few adverts so wanted to give them a go. Vimto Squeezy water enhancers are concentrated fruit squash in little tiny bottles, small enough to pop into your handbag and make water delicious wherever you go! They come in Original, Cherry and Strawberry.

We took these with us on a trip to the zoo and everyone was able to have yummy water on the go. I thought these were expensive at £2.49 a bottle but it does say 25 servings and we have managed to stretch these out to 30+ as we drink it more diluted than I guess the factory predict, so its better value for money than I thought and quite a handy little product. I may try some other brands though as I must admit Vimto isn't one of my favourites.

So there are some of our favourite products at the moment.

What have you discovered this summer?

Are there any must haves out there that I have missed?

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  1. Bubbles are the greatest invention every. My four would seriously play with our bubble machine for hours!

  2. Wow! What a lot of great items.....Everything looks great!
    I love the beanbag x

  3. Keep meaning to try the Crushed pouches, think Max would love them! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  4. LOVE those beach toys! Definitely one for my shopping list! x x x


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