Saturday, 26 July 2014

Letters to Myself - Dear 5 Year Old Me...

I have been so bogged under with things lately that I feel like it has been a long time since I wrote a personal post. With that in mind here is something I have been wanting to do for some time.
Letters to Myself...

I know my life hasn't been full of hardship but it also hasn't always been easy, growing up we learn things about ourselves that when we look back on we wish we could have predicted back then. Here is the first letter to 5 year old me!

Dear Jade,

5 years old...Wow!  Here is what I know about you/ now we have a little sister, Danielle who is 3 years younger and live in Hampshire with Mum and our stepdad Carl. Mum is going to have a baby soon and she will call him Jack. He will be the perfect addition to our family and the start of an amazing future for Mum and Carl (who will be the best father we could ever have wished for).

Me with my baby brother and cousin Gemma
You still visit our sisters Dad at weekends, I know isn't our biological Dad but he is Danielle's and she wants you to be there with her so be strong and don't let anyone there make you feel like you are not wanted. High five for discarding the unwanted mushy peas in a tissue behind the fridge, you will like them when you get older but for now I salute you little one!

You have an exciting person to meet at school soon. He may not seem like much now but Joe, that boy in the other year half to you, the one Mum makes you play with when she visits her friend Wendy, he will one day be the man you are going to marry and Daddy to your little boy! Remember every second with him because one day you won't have many of those memories to look back on.
Me with Joe!
This next bit is important....Please, Please look where you are going as that bump to the head you get from hitting a concrete post really will hurt and there will be lots and lots of blood! Keep away from the boiled potato's at lunch time as the taste is one we will never forget (bleugh) and don't be sad when you have that  little accident in class and have to borrow pants from the teachers cupboard, these things happen.

Soon you will be moving house to Northampton which is where you will grow up and become me! Moving school is scary and you have a big adventure coming as you learn so many new things but you will make friends. The weekend visits to our sisters Dad's won't be fun, you will feel homesick and cry a lot but be strong and as I said before don't let him make you feel any less than the bubbly, creative, caring little girl that you are! Enjoy spending time with your little sister as one day soon you almost lose her and although she will be ok it will be a scary time.

Enjoy your holidays with Nan and Grandad, not to mention all the cousins. You will have fond memories of those caravan holidays and weeks in Butlins.

Me with my little sister (she was very little) and cousins.
But most importantly just enjoy being little, as a grown up we end up worrying so much about little things but must remember to enjoy life and smile every day!

Keep growing and learning and smiling little one,

Catch you soon!

Big Jade



  1. Love this post! So thought provoking. I really don't remember much about being 5 at all! You sound like a great kid! The kind I hope my Miss 6 finds :-)

    1. Aw Thank You! I was a good kid, didn't find keeping friends very easy though, I think lots of them didn't like the fact I was friends with everyone and not one to stay in one particular group. xx

  2. What a stunning stunning post. :-) bought a little tear to my eye. Can't wait to read more of them honey!! Xxx

    1. Thank You Lucy :) It may get more interesting as the teenage years come up! :)


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