Friday, 25 July 2014

Friday Family Fitness Fun - Cornish Walks and That Changing Room Incident!


With Friday's normally would come Family Fitness Fun but the past few weeks have been so mad that I have struggled to keep up but I am back on the fitness wagon after a break.

The past few weeks have been full of holidays and sickness in out house...yay to holidays boo to poorliness! But other than being unwell we have been quite active as a family. We did lots of walking on holiday in Cornwall which I am yet to blog about, I know! I am so far behind!

With all the hills in Looe and the surrounding towns, not to mention a mountain of a hill to climb in Newquay, I felt my calf muscles throbbing at the end of most days but it was good for me and I feel proud that we embraced days out and didn't take the easy option that we normally do as a family.

Look at that sea...and that hill!
Ted enjoyed lots of swimming while we were away and is growing more confident in the water so last week I decided to take him for a swim at Virgin. As mentioned a few weeks back I have a 3 month trial at our local Virgin Active and sadly haven't been well enough or had the time really to get in the gym but will be going this weekend!

Anyway, Ted's swimming trip was so stressful. I have no idea why as he had napped, wasn't hungry or unwell himself but decided not to co-operate with anything resulting in several tantrums and two bumps to the head! Firstly he ran into a glass door as he didn't see it and then when we got down to the pool he refused to hold my hand and slipped on the tiles. Poor boy really wasn't his usual happy self and I didn't know what to do.

Getting ready for a holiday swim!

We also forgot his nappies so had to borrow one from a lovely lady at reception and I am ashamed to say I forgot my pants and ended up going commando on the way home! I also must mention...I accidentally went into the men's changing rooms and didn't realise until I bumped into a naked old man drying himself off as he said "Ooh I think you are in the men's"...either that or your in the women's buddy!?

After that palaver we have decided that swimming will take place when either Daddy or a grown up helper is there to make the experience less stressful. For the meantime we will be setting up our new paddling pool in the garden!

I haven't had a chance to exercise much lately but I have been eating better. I have had the odd takeaway and naughty treat but eating more veggies and snacking less. I don' tend to eat as much in the summer and when I am feeling a bit unwell I lose my appetite slightly.

Healthy treats in Newquay!

I don't use scales as I get a little obsessed when I do so I have been going off how I feel in clothes and on Wednesday I had a 'skinny day'. It may have been the fact I was wearing black but I felt a lot slimmer than I have in ages and it felt good. Today I feel a little bloated and ache all over from my cold so can't judge if the weight has really been lost but hey, I felt good for a day!

I have some exciting new gym gear to try out this weekend, I know I said in yesterdays post that I would share them with you today but I want to be able to write about them once I have test ran them properly so stay tuned next week for my review of my new Trainers, Trousers and headphones!!!

So that's what we have been doing to stay active as a family...what about you guys?!
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