Tuesday, 22 July 2014

De-Cluttering the House - Step 1 The Kitchen

We have recently been trying to get a handle on the clutter in our home. Deciding last week to stay in our current 'home' if that's what it can be called in order to save to find a house we can really call our Home Sweet Home has left me feeling a little deflated.

 It was the right decision for us financially as the rental market has skyrocketed recently but this house is too small for us and full of clutter, not to mention the points I raised in my post about my frustrations as a tennant

So with the clutter getting too much we decided to have a clear out and invest in some smarter storage solutions to get us feeling clutter free. I don't know about you but I feel like my life is permanently a cluttered mess and my house is no exception! I must regain control!

With this in mind I dug out some fab new products I was sent to review and set to work armed with my baskets and storage pots to organise my kitchen. 

I am only part of the way there but this is what I have done. 
  • Pulled everything out of the cupboards and laid it out on the kitchen floor (which had been cleaned).
  • Sorted out any out of date items and things that were missing lids or we didn't use anymore.
  • Sorted the food into piles and neatly put it away in the cupboards keeping baking bits on one shelf, tins on another and so on and so forth until everything had its place. Pasta, we had so much of it took up one shelf in itself and rice and snacks got put to one side...I had a plan for these.
  • I then put Ted's bits and bobs (bottles, bowls, plates etc) in a basket in an empty cupboard.
  • Alongside Ted's basket went the plastic tuppaware in its own box and below that were the gadgets, jugs and large items that couldn't fit into boxes.
  • The plates, bowls, glasses and mugs all are kept in a high up cupboard away from little hands and our cutlery and utensils are also in a drawer out of reach.
  • Finally my pots, pans and baking trays all got neatly stacked in another cupboard with any odds and ends on a separate shelf, these include a selection of 70's glass bowls and serving dishes I picked up from Freecycle thinking one day they may come in handy...when retro becomes a style I could embrace in the kitchen...not going to lie I also own Microwave and Freezer Cookbooks from 1973!

I am getting there, I still have the fridge freezer to replace and the under sink cupboard to sort before I feel anywhere near clutter free but I am a darn site better off than I was a few weeks ago. 

Back to the rice and snacks...almost forgot! We have these gorgeous new tubs from OXO and they are the perfect size to keep our copius amounts of rice and treats in. The OXO POP containers are completely air tight with the press of a button, a great place to store biscuits to stop them going stale. I love the space age style buttons and I got very excited about giving them a go.

Tuppawear Storage, Kitchen, OXO, POP, Containers

They look so cool on the counter top which is where they belong, no hiding these bad boys in the back of a cupboard! Although I put rice in my other container it would be perfect for flour to stop any little bugs getting in (I had a nasty experience with weevils a few years back) and the corners make pouring super easy when decanting. 

I may have to pick up a few more of these, although they are a little more than I would spend on tuppaware they would last such a long time as they are so strong and sturdy. 

Prices range from £6 to £16.50. These two are the 3.8L capacity square containers which are £14.50 each.

Next step is to de-clutter the living room and the rest of the house! Wish me luck!

*I was sent the OXO containers for the purpose of an honest review but all opinions are my own


  1. I really need to de clutter our home as we are moving next month and i have so much to get rid of am determined to keep our new home more organised.

    1. It does everyone good to have a declutter, we are far from finished but getting there slowly :)

  2. It seems like a never ending job doesn't it?! I clear out the kitchen every few months and then seem to end up having to do it again straight away! x

    1. Oh yes definitely never ending! Especially with an OH that never puts things back in the right places! :)


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