Thursday, 3 July 2014

Off the Radar...

I am going to start this post with an apology.
I have been off the radar a little lately as far as blogging goes and I honestly don't know why but a slight sense of writers block has come over me the past 2 weeks. Sadly I think I am just exhausted. Balancing everything has got on top of me and I am very much in need of a holiday...luckily we have one next week!

I just feel like no matter how much sleep I get I am constantly tired and can't seem to gain control of things but after a much needed holiday I really hope to get back into full swing of things and start creating more video's for my Youtube channel and I have lots of great posts lined up!

In the meantime here are some pictures from the past 2 weeks!

Let's have a catch up! What have you all been up to lately?


  1. Writers block is horrible.....
    Enjoy your holiday x

  2. I get ya with the tiredness, I had a little breather at the beginning of the year as I was ill, and tired all the time. The doctors couldn't pin it to one thing, I was in shock when i realised it had been nearly 6 months since I had posted!!

    Hope your holiday brings you lots of inspiration :) x

    1. I think a bit of fresh air and a break will do me the world of good :) xx

  3. We'll always be here when your writers block clears :) Gorgeous photos x


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