Thursday, 19 June 2014

My 18 Month Old!

This breaks my heart to say tiny baby 18 months old! I know right where did the time go?!

Just wanted to fill you all in on how he has been getting on developmentally over the last few weeks/months as it has been quite a busy time for him.

Words! We have Words!

I want to start with the most exciting bit for me which is his speech. As regular readers know I have been quite anxious that Ted's speech development really wasn't going anywhere. As always with Ted he proved me wrong and started to speak just when I started to get really worried.

He has been saying Mum for months now and occasionally a few other words but never in context really. Lately though he has learnt so many words and for the first time the other day he called me Mumma which literally made me cry with joy!

His first stages of speech were copying animal noises which he is fantastic at and then he moved on to saying EEEEE and AAAAYYY a lot (My sister taught him that!) I then started to make him look at me when I spoke to him so that he was able to see how my mouth was forming the words which really helped and I found him practicing his sounds to make the words. He blows raspberry's and makes thhh noises as well as all his animal sounds and I think this is so fascinating as that is exactly how his speech development will learn to progress!

Some of Ted's favourite words are...Mumma, Daddy,Car, Leaf, Juice and Mine! He also can now say Ellie, Jack, Dan (My brother and sisters) Dave (his Godfather) and he has also said Nan.

Although he has said all of those words he doesn't use them all the time and they are most definitely not clear...for example poor Dave is Gave and Leaf is Yeeeef! So cute! Overall though I am super proud of him and cannot wait to find out what he will say next.

Running...and running...and running!

Ted's physical development hasn't really changed much, he is running around like a loon and climbing all over everything. As he gets taller we are having to be much more careful about what we leave in his reach which is very scary. 

Yummy Things!

Food wise he enjoys most things, except anything leafy which after watching The Secret Life of Babies on ITV I came to the conclusion that as babies are born with a natural fear of plants (in case they poison them) that it explains Teds aversion to lettuce and cabbage! I will let him off with that one though as he is a big fan of fruit so is getting lots of healthy food in his diet.

His favourite foods are Blueberries, Grapes, Cheese, Stew and Pasta.

Naughty Naughty!

These past few weeks have shown a new side to Ted, one that means he is constantly testing his boundaries and is becoming increasingly defiant. The 'Naughty Corner' has become a last resort for us but is working well. He knows that if he doesn't listen to us after a couple of times then that is where he will go and will sit for a minute to calm himself down. Don't get me wrong this doesn't work every time and he does get up and wander off but we put him back and eventually he sits still until we come and collect him to say sorry and have a cuddle. (Thanks Jo Frost!) 


Little man still loves his sleep! He goes to bed at around 6.30 and will lay there for almost an hour just singing and nattering to himself until he falls asleep. He then wakes up at about 7 in the morning, occasionally he wakes in the night but most nights he will sleep right through. 

He also has a 2 1/2 hour nap mid morning although at the childminders and my parents he will sleep after his lunch which is odd but it works for him. 


One thing we still have is bottle at naptimes. Having introduced a no spill sippy cup for juice and water I tried giving him his milk in this but the flow was too fast for when he was laying down and I am happy with him having his bottles still for now. 

Ted has been having cows milk since he turned 1 and loves it. We have recently been trying a2 milk which was created for people who struggle to digest regular cows milk. I am not great with technical stuff so I will let the experts explain what A2 milk is...

"Cows' milk contains protein.  There are two different types of protein - known as A1 and A2. Originally all cows had just the A2 protein but over the years A1 has become the dominant one in European and UK herds. a2 Milk is a cows' milk naturally rich in only the A2 protein and none of the A1 protein.  

That means a2 Milk may provide relief to many of the one in five Brits who struggle to digest cows' milk. A1 protein digests differently to A2 protein and has been linked to discomfort after drinking milk. 

Some people may, in fact, be reacting to this specific A1 protein, rather than lactose or other general milk proteins, as is commonly assumed.  

The a2 Milk Company Ltd is dedicated to giving people a choice in the milk they drink with the ambition to bring people back to dairy."

We do not have any intolerance to dairy in the family but I wanted to give this a go to see if it tastes the same as normal milk. Anything that is easier to digest surely must be worth trying right? 

The verdict? Exactly the same. We noticed no difference in flavour and Ted wolfed it down like he would any other bottle of milk. I need to find a guinea pig that has a dairy intolerance to see if it makes them feel any different though because I must admit I just felt the same. 

Hopefully we can reduce Ted's milk consumption down as he is on 3 6oz bottles a day still but we do sometimes give him 'green' milk (Semi Skimmed) before his mid-day nap if we feel like he has drank a lot of milk that day as it is lower in fat and I know some people will say that isn't right but he's our son and it works for us.

Ted's favourite things at 18 months

Balls - of any variety, he is obsessed with footballs but isn't fussy and will often be found kicking around any remotely round object he can find! 

Books - He loves Cock-a-Moo-Moo and even said Cock-a-doodle-doo the other day! Also a big fan of The Very Hungry Caterpillar and a lovely book called Boo Boo about  a little blue gosling who likes to eat!

Animals - We took him to the Zoo for the first time this week and he loved it. His animal noises are fantastic and he has just learnt SSSSSssssss for Snake!

Lately Ted has got quite cuddly which is lovely, he will quite regularly sneak onto my lap for a snuggle and a story. He gives proper little kisses and when he gets really excited he will gently clap our faces, not enough to hurt but it is just his way of saying he is happy to see us! 

He tickles people all the time to make them giggle and his new 'thing' is to sniff everything and say EUGH! really loudly with his tongue hanging out! I am trying to teach him not all things smell bad and we sometimes get the odd Mmm when he sniffs nice things! 

I am having so much fun with him at the moment it really is so much more enjoyable raising a child that can interact with you but man it is tiring! 

What have your little ones learnt this month?

*we were kindly sent some vouchers to try a2 milk but as always the opinions are our own.

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