Saturday, 17 May 2014

Our day at The Baby Show 2014

Yesterday we went to The Baby Show in Birmingham. Now that I have recovered from exhaustion I can tell you all about our day! 

Ted went on his very first train ride and along with my goddaughter Isabella and best friend Claudy we had quite a little adventure! Ted hated being kept in one place on the train and was causing quite a stir up until a sweet little girl and her Mum and Nana boarded. They were so nice, the little girl was in a wheelchair so they sat next to us in the carriage and she shared her chocolate with Ted which he loved. She kept saying "The chocolate is making him stop crying!" and she was right! It definitely helped make the journey easier.

We arrived at the NEC and made our way to the show! Popping in to the Press Office I was in the door for a few seconds before the first of my blogging friends walked in, the lovely Kelly from  To Become Mum. She had spotted Ted before she saw me, something that was bound to happen as everyone knows the cute little ones from blogs more than the Mummy's themselves hehe! It was so great to finally meet Kelly and after she arrived the floodgates of blogging Mummy's opened! 

I met so many ladies that I have been talking to for the past year and it was wonderful to get to see them and their little ones, even if Ted didn't think so who at this point was running for the exit and a few seconds later I found myself chasing him through the NEC with him cackling with laughter as he was legging it as fast as his legs would carry him! 

I decided the best bet was to pop him in his buggy for a while and we went along to the Fisher Price stand to see a demo of their new Jumperoo! It has been 10 years since they released their first one and they have really come on leaps and bounds! The new one moves along the frame to allow the baby to move forward and backwards to aid early walking. Ted is too big to get to try them out but little Bella loved it! 

Thank you to Donna at Redhead Babyled for this pic! 
After the demonstration we browsed the stalls meeting some great new brands and old favourites like the team at Sweet Dreamers who make Ewan The Dream Sheep who we love so much! 

Some great brands we discovered for the first time were:

Jack N Jill's - They sell natural toothpaste for children and silicone toothbrushes which Ted tried out and really enjoyed!

Chillipeeps Ltd - Their teets and spouts screw in to water bottles and formula cartons adapting them to bottles for feeding on the go.

The Mummy Bracelet - A pretty beaded bracelet that with the help of some little charms and numbered beads is aimed to help Baby Brained Mum's to keep track of tasks from feeding, nappy changing and medication.

We popped out for some lunch at Wetherspoons as the restaurants in the arena are always quite expensive. It was nice to take a bit of time out with the kids and wind down a bit. I had a delicious panini and some chips which Ted demolished. He also tucked into a Plum food pouch from the Tommee Tippee feeding station at the show and much to my surprise was able to suck straight from the pouch for the first time with no mess! A proud moment for Mummy.

We finished the day by having another browse around the stalls where Claudy managed to get some bargains but I was well behaved and saved my pennies! I did however get to try out a fab product for hair removal which essentially exfoliates the hair away with no pain and lasts for 2-3 weeks. I am most definitely going to get myself a set! 

I had a nice chat with the man at the Plum stall about how The Baby Show really should be called The Baby and Toddler show as most of the attendees were parents to small babies or expectant parents, Ted was among the oldest children there! 

Finally we had a play at the Fisher Price stand where Ted fell in love with the latest Little People characters including this adorable girl! 

We even got to try the Thomas The Tank Engine toys and I think they may end up on Ted's Christmas list!

It was finally time to head home. We had a really fun day and I think judging by the smiles coming from her direction that Bella enjoyed herself too! 


  1. It was so lovely to meet you and Ted - how did I manage to miss the Plum stand?!

  2. So lovely to meet you! Glad you had a nice day. I ended up paying £8 for a sandwich and cup of tea - Should have joined you at Spoons! x


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