Saturday, 24 May 2014

Koo-di Bath Time Fun - Review

As a Koo-di Ambassador we have had the pleasure of reviewing some of their bath time products from bath toys to parental aids and I wanted to share some of them with you! 

The most important thing about bath times for us parents is safety. Bath times can be great fun but with water and hot taps they can be quite dangerous. I love the Koo-di Tap Protector (£9.99) for covering the hot tap in the bath and protecting little fingers. Ted is terrible for grabbing at the tap no matter how many times we tell him it is hot but with the tap protector he just explores the polka dots on it then carries on playing. 

The spots are heat activated and the red end with Koo-di written on turns white when hot. We have really old taps in our rental house so the protector was a bit loose but it is made to work on any standard taps. My parents have huge waterfall taps so this wouldn't work on them but it will go on a normal mixer tap.

The next product is the Parent Kneeling Mat (£12.99) Its cushioned padding and slip resistant bottom helps prevent sore knees and is safe for use on a wet bathroom floor. It has a small hanging hook which we use to hang on the door when not in use, it dries really quickly and is mildew resistant so should last a long time. 

I always complain about my knee's when bathing Ted but this does the trick and I have began to enjoy bath times a lot more.

So that's the parental aids out of the way, now for the fun bit! 

Koo-di have a fab range of bath products aimed at children from 10 months. These are called Pour, Sprinkle and Spray n' Play.

Pour n' Play - This is the Blue one. A simple design which is essentially a quirky shaped cup which can be used to scoop up water and pour (or in Ted's case drink) the bath water! We also use this to rinse the shampoo out of his hair!

Sprinkle n' Play - This one is Green. It is like a mini shower, you dunk it in the water with your finger over the hole in the top and release when out of the water to let the water go. Essentially like you would with a straw or turkey baster! Ted has mastered this one already.

Spray n' Play - The Orange one! Suck the water into this one to squirt at 'things'  or in Ted's case my floor! 

We had so much fun with these as I decided to introduce them in Water Play Time in the living room. Water fun shouldn't just be confined to the bathroom although it can be messy so a bigger towel or plastic mat may be called for next time! Ted thought it was great fun being able to play with water for the morning and was giggling his head off when I let him splash me!

I must say the bath toys are a bit more money than I would normally pay for something so small at £5.99 each and I would probably suggest selling the set for say £10 for all 3 to make it more affordable and value for money but that's just my opinion.

We still very much love the polka dot Koo-di products and I have been browsing the website - - today for products for our holiday in July and have my eye on the Fuzzifun Sun Blind and this stunning weekender bag for my weekend at BritMums next month! 

*We were sent these products to review as Koo-di Ambassador's but all opinions are my own

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  1. We have the kneeling mat and love it! No more sore knees on our wooden floor. Love the idea of the tap cover x


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