Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Joe's New Job and Advice on Jobs in the City!

This week brings a little bit of excitement into our household with Joe starting his new job! This is something we have both been looking forward to for a while. It brings not only great prospects and a fresh start for Joe in a friendly working environment but a big pay rise which means we can finally save for a new home and a wedding. 

Having to commute 40 minutes to work every day seems normal for most people but with him having lived 5 minutes from work for the past 5 years its going to be quite a change. It really got me thinking about how people commute to work in London and also how you would even begin to search for a job that far away from home. 

There are plenty of websites online like City Calling for example where you can carry out a free UK job search and register your CV for companies to contact you. Huge brands will register job vacancy's on these sites too so you can see the latest offers and the application process is usually really straightforward.

Next you need to decide if commuting is the best option for you. Joe has worked out that although travel and parking will be more expensive it will be worth it as jobs in bigger cities usually pay better salaries than those in small towns. 

You will also need to take into consideration if driving, cycling or using public transport is the best option. Despite working next to the station, Joe will be driving to work and downgrading his car for an eco-motive in the coming months which brings the cost of car parking down from £360 to £70 a year.

Whatever your decision when choosing a job it has to be the right choice for you and your family. This new job has meant Joe will be unable to collect Ted from the childminders so we have organised for Ted to stay a little later. I have also had to give up running Rainbows as I wouldn't have anyone to collect Ted but that is a small sacrifice I am willing to take for our family to have better prospects for the future and finally be able to find a home we are proud of. 

I know Joe is nervous about this big new start but it is such a great opportunity for him and us and I know he will do a great job!

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  1. Good luck to Joe and his new job! My boyfriend moved her from London and he can't believe the salary difference but then again living is a lot cheaper too!


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