Sunday, 11 May 2014

Hats off to #MySelfieSaturday Week 2

This weeks #MySelfieSaturday theme was Hats! I decided to show off my best summery hat that I got sent from Sainsbury's for an Easter Bonnet and decided was too nice to throw chicks and mini eggs at :) 

Click the badge below to check out some fantastically silly hat selfie's! 

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  1. Replies
    1. Thank you honey, I must have that shaped head as I have always been able to wear hats quite well. Joe always laughs at me when I wear them though so mostly avoid them :)

  2. Love this! you are rockin' that hat miss Lady!! Thanks so much for joining in! #MySelfieSaturday xx

  3. love this hat! it really goes with your hair crazy as that sounds! #MySelfieSaturday

  4. Brilliant selfie !!!! Looking forward to seeing everyone's efforts for next week !!

  5. Gorgeous picture! You look like your somewhere hot and sunny! If only huh! Thanks for linking up! xxx

  6. Aww thank you everyone! :) Maybe I can encourage Joe not to laugh at me everytime I wear a hat now! :) xx


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