Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Get Me Out Of Heeeeeeeeere!!!!! - Frustrations of a Tenant

I know my friends and family are probably so bored of hearing me ranting about my house but I really am feeling frustrated and almost trapped in this house.

To give you a brief update, we currently rent a 2 bedroom semi in a lovely village in Northamptonshire. This is our 3rd home in 5 years and was meant to be our family home for as long as possible. When we moved in in July 2012 I was 6 months pregnant with Ted. We had moved due to our Landlord 'bodging' jobs around the house, leaving us with a slapdash kitchen he replaced himself and I couldn't see myself being able to take care of a baby there let alone live there with a toddler.

We came to view this house while previous tenants had their furniture in. It needed a bit of love but we were told the landlord would consider replacing the carpets and the walls would be repainted before we moved in. 

2 years on we have marked walls, stained skirting boards and carpets all of which really just need redoing but the landlord has informed if any of this is done by him then he will put the rent up! He lives in Australia and has really just left the estate agents in charge. They try their best but he won't reply to emails and is unwilling to put any money into the house that isn't 'needed'.

  • The garden is really hard to maintain, we are far from green fingered but with overgrown tree's across the back and an infestation of ants every few meters it's such a gruelling task to get on top of it all
  • The taps all have really deep limescale on which really would be better to replace
  • The windows are the original wooden double glazing and the paint on them is cracked to the point that when I wash them the paint falls off!
  • The oven and hob are the original ones from when the house was built some 30 years ago and are on their way out.
  • The seals of the windows are all rubbish so we lose any heat the radiators give out, costing us a fortune in gas.
  • The extractor fan in the bathroom hasn't worked since we moved in so there is constant damp.

I must add this picture is after the gardeners were sent to tidy up the tree's under order of the council as they were hanging out over the road!

Ok. I am sure you get my point! 

We have outgrown the house now with hardly any room for all of our belongings and I think my hatred for the house means I really don't want to put my stamp on it. I have wall stickers, paint and ornaments in boxes that I am saving for our new home in the hope that they won't go unloved for much longer! 

Not much room to grow!

With Joe's new job we are hoping to save some money to find a new home. I have found a couple of houses that I love but our problem is that as with most young families we just don't have the money to save for a deposit to buy a house! £10,000 is the minimum we need and we also want to get married soon so I think we are destined to rent for a few more years yet. 

I just want a 2 bed with a separate dining room/conservatory. Nice sized bedrooms and clean walls and carpets! I am literally embarrassed letting people into our home as no matter how tidy we make it, it always looks horrible. Again I think I struggle to find motivation to keep the house tidy for that reason and it always looks a mess!

I hope we can find a new home soon because I am so unhappy with this one. I want somewhere I can put my own stamp on and really be proud of. I also want my own little writing corner with a desk and storage so that I don't have to share with Joe anymore! 

Do you rent? Have you got similar problems with Landlords??


  1. I understand your frustration! Our house is pretty much the same except we're 1 bed & no garden! We're moving when our lease is up on July 1st but we haven't found another house yet!!

    1. Our tenancy ends in June but were going on to a rolling contract until we manage to pull a deposit together and find a nice place. We can afford somewhere else but its just finding the right place and not feeling like we are throwing money down the drain renting! xx

    2. yeah we unfortunately need to rent again too but we're hoping that this time next year we can buy. its tough! xx

  2. Absolutely understand your frustration! We were given notice on our last rented property in December and even coming up with the money to afford to move to another rented property was tough. The house we are in now is fine in the interim but we had to choose somewhere quickly and it won't last us forever. I think there should be a standard of quality of property, especially if you have young children x

    1. Totally Jess! I hated putting Ted on the floor to play as a newborn as the carpets are so horrible despite us using a Rug Doctor on them when we moved in. I can't even let him play in the garden because we just can't clear the ants. Its so sad as he loves being outdoors. Estate agents need to understand they have a duty of care to the tenants not just the landlord and its not right to leave the country when you have houses here and just neglect them! xx

  3. You should see the living room carpet in our rented house, it is revolting but the landlord won't replace it. We moved in to drawings on the walls, massive paint stains on the carpets and paint flaking off but we seem to end up doing a lot our selves. When our bath nearly came through the ceiling the landlord did half the bathroom . . . 6 months later one half is white and black and the other half pink and green!

  4. It must be so frustrating! We were lucky to be in a position to scrape together a deposit to buy as soon as we could and are now in our second and 'forever' home.
    I have no idea how people can afford to save for a deposit when paying rent and most rental standards aren't up to scratch! I really hope you find a solution soon x

  5. I'm with you...I could have written this!
    The exact same problem with stained walls, stained carpets, old oven that barely gets warm, no extractor in bathroom so constant damp...even puddles on the floor from how damp it gets with all the condensation dripping when we take a shower!!!
    Its ridiculous and the landlords are not interested....the estate agents say they cant afford to fix the big sodding HOLE in the spare room ceiling...its a joke.

    But like you, we're cant afford a deposit to buy...

    So frustrating :/ xxx

  6. I'm reading this and hoping a similar fate isn't ahead for me - we moved in at the start of September and within a day had a list of things which the landlord promised to do - fixing the shower so we can have a shower without having to hold the shower head above our heads, fixing two broken kitchen chairs, removing a double bed from the spare room.... not a word from them about it since. Hopefully situation has improved!

  7. We were renting a housing association house for about 10 years and they were great. Whenever repairs needed doing they were completed fast and to a high standard.
    We didn't like the area we were in but I refused to go to a private rent exactly because of stories like yours.
    We were lucky enough to be able to buy outright this year and we're now in our forever home. I hope you are able to find somewhere soon where you can all be happy xx

  8. I know how you feel, where we live there is so much that needs improving but the landlord just isn't interested! Makes me so frustrated when we so much money a month for somewhere that isn't even worth it!
    I hope you either find a nice new place or your landlord does some upgrading soon!

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