Sunday, 11 May 2014

Family Holidays - What will our holiday future be?

For as long as I can remember my family have enjoyed holidays in the UK. I have such fond memories of weekends in Norfolk and week long holiday's to Devon with the family. Joe and I's first holiday was a weekend in Great Yarmouth and since then we have enjoyed numerous breaks with friends and families in and around the British Isles and what great breaks they have been!

Balancing on the groynes in Hopton!

With our summer holiday booked in a lovely big house in Cornwall with lots of our friends I have been wondering about how other people holiday. We love our UK holidays but recently my family have been travelling further abroad and exploring Spain and the Canary Islands and it has got me thinking about what future holidays have in store for us. 

Family holidays in the UK are fab but as Ted gets bigger holidaying abroad will be much easier and with less 'baggage' we can start going on some proper little foreign adventures. 

But what for the distant future? I have always wanted to be one of those older couples that goes on cruises. Lounging around on an enormous ship in the middle of the ocean sipping on cocktails and going to dinner dances in the evenings! 

I have been browsing the Fred Olsen website and they do Mini Breaks for weekends which may be a good start for first timers. Their Cruise Deals 2014 are worth checking out.

Our ships

With cruises to places like The Caribbean, The Mediterranean and even The Amazon there is so much to explore. On board they have fantastic entertainment and activities with shops, cabaret acts and delicious food there really is something for everyone! (I wonder if they have a gaming deck?!)

I just need to get my seasickness under control...wish me luck! 

For now though it is all about the family holidays with our feet firmly on dry land and in July we are off to Looe in Cornwall with a big group of friends and I cannot wait! Ted hasn't been to the seaside yet so I am eager to see what he thinks of it! 

Are you off anywhere nice this summer?


  1. At the moment we holiday in Cornwall each year but we'll have a change next year and go somewhere different, maybe up north :) When the kids are out of nappies I'll love to go abroad but for now I'm happy holidaying in the UK x

    1. I love Cornwall and Devon and we have always loved Hunstanton too, for now I am happy just exciting to think about what the future holds isn't it! :) x


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